Pregnancy also pays attention

Experts interviewed:

Liang Yuanzhang, director of the reproductive medicine department affiliated to the University of Southeast University, Shen Tao

Breeding a new life will be affected by many factors. Some people are "inadvertently inserted into the willows and willows", and some people "have intentions to plant flowers."If you can master the three essentials of the time, location, people and people, and these three essentials, it will help to conceive a healthy baby smoothly.

Tian Shi: Choose the right time, more effort to do more

Generally speaking, women’s best fertility age is 25 to 29 years old. After 30 years of age, fertility has gradually decreased, and the risk of abortion will increase.Studies have shown that there is the highest chance of pregnancy one day before ovulation.However, in order to ask for children, many husbands and wives are usually "nourishing and stooding." In the ovulation period, I thought that this can increase the surrogacy rate. In fact, it is wrong.Liang Yuanzhang, director of the Reproductive Medicine Department of Zhongda Hospital Affiliated to Southeast University, told the reporter of Life Times that the quality and quantity of men’s abstinence for 2 to 7 days are the best.Those who abstain from ascetic are even out of dead sperm.Therefore, the practice of "raising the energy" will not only increase the surrogacy rate, but it is not good for fertility.

Under normal circumstances, 48 hours of vitality after the eggs are discharged, and sperm has 72 hours of vitality.The same room one or two days before and after the ovulation period of the woman is easy to get pregnant.Liang Yuanzhang suggested that the couple who are preparing for pregnancy is best to have a one -time life every 1 to 2 days. If the pregnancy is still not pregnant for more than a year, it is recommended that both the husband and wife go to the hospital for examination. The male inspects the semen. The woman needs to check the endocrine and follicles.

Land: Correct habits and raise "soil"

The good physical conditions of both husbands and wives are an important "soil" for successful breeding of life.However, modern people smoke, drink, stay up late and other bad living habits, as well as superb obesity, etc., will gradually lose "soil"."Tobacco and alcohol is the culprit of harmful fertility." Shen Tao, chief physician of the Department of Reproductive Medicine, Affiliated to the University of Southeast University, pointed out that nicotine in cigarettes will kill sperm and cause defects such as sperm development and deformity.If you smoke or drink for a long time, the damage to the sperm is irreversible.

If you are ready to baby, it is best to quit the bad habit of smoking and drinking from half a year before the plan to conceive; get up early and get up early to ensure adequate sleep; three meals a day of nutrition, eat more fresh fruits, vegetables, fish or shellfish, etc., Try not to eat spicy food; properly do some aerobic exercise, can lay the foundation for pregnancy.

Human: Happy mood, wait for the flowers to bloom

"Some couples have no problems with their bodies. However, for a few months of pregnancy, they can’t be pregnant. Coupled with family members, the pressure has increased greatly, and psychological problems such as anxiety and depression have occurred."Depression and anxiety disturb the endocrine, which will affect fertility.Men may also suspect their sexual ability and gradually lose their "sex" interest, leading to psychological erectile dysfunction.

In fact, if you have a regular sex, you still need to seek medical treatment for more than a year.If you are nervous and anxious due to one or two failures, and even frequent medical treatment, you will not only affect the chance of conception, but also destroy the relationship between husband and wife.It is recommended to keep a relaxed and pleasant mood, enjoy the sweet moments of the two, and wait for the flowering.▲

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