Pregnancy Constipation

After women are pregnant, they are very easily constipated.

1 After pregnancy, the change of hormones in the body and progesterone make gastrointestinal motility slower, causing the time to pass through the gastrointestinal tract significantly, causing constipation.

2 After pregnancy, the amount of activity is significantly reduced. Most of the time is sitting or lying down, which makes the digestive function of the gastrointestinal and intestines with slower peristalsis decreased to increase constipation.

3 Drug side effects, iron sulfate to be supplemented by pregnancy can cause constipation.

4 Irregular diet. This is a good understanding. The changes in taste after pregnancy make the nutritional unevenness of big fish and fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, if you want to be inconvenient, it is nothing more than drinking plenty of water, exercising in moderation, and eating more dietary fiber.But it is difficult to do it simply, it is more likely that you can still be constipated, so you can try the following ways.

Simply put, there are drinking (lactating sugar oral solution, Xi Mei juice), eating (probiotics, wicasty, wheat cellulose), and use (Kaisylus, honey embolism).

Therefore, it is effective for constipation caused by intestinal flora.I also bought this at the beginning. I believe many people have heard this brand, Australian brand, without considering security.This probiotic is also during the stake period and breastfeeding.There are even infants and so on, which basically cover the entire age.A small grain, which is convenient to swallow.Unfortunately, my wife has no effect, so my wife should not be caused by constipation caused by intestinal flora.

The most recommended mother Ximei juice. This Ximei juice is not only delicious, but also adds dietary fiber and probiotic yuan, so it basically covers the entire reasons for constipation.And it is still low sugar, which will not affect mothers and babies.In the later period, I bought a bottle for my wife, and the effect was better.

Finally, it is really not easy to watch my wife take so much "medicine" every day after pregnancy.So every father has to double care about his mother and care for his mother.

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