Pregnancy is never an easy task. These 9 precautions during pregnancy have been avoided early.

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In October, it is like a woman who reached out to pick the stars.

During different pregnancy, there are always many different problems. For beginners, it is as difficult to understand as Olympic.I am afraid of mistakes every step, dare not eat or dare to sleep.

Today, Ido is compiled for everyone. In the three stages of the morning, middle and evening, we need to pay attention to 9 precautions.

▼ Early pregnancy: Pay attention to the smooth bed of the fertilized eggs

1) progesterone, HCG

After learning that she was pregnant, the first item of expectant mothers should be checked is progesterone and HCG to exclude all adverse possibilities. If the progesterone and HCG doubles are not ideal, they can also take measures as soon as possible.

The signal of the baby’s arrival

2) File files

Building files is a very important thing. It is best to find out the process of building the local file in advance. Some places need ID cards, cases need cases, and some places need to go to the community to receive books. Do not busy with each other.

The archive is mainly to occupy a bed in the hospital you believe in to avoid some follow -up troubles.

3) Pregnancy response

In the early pregnancy, the most common is women’s pregnancy. I remember when there was a baby in the small island, so that the baby would know that I surrendered.

Pregnancy reaction is normal

In some places, rumors have seriously proved that the baby has not found a comfortable position, which is all scared himself.

In fact, pregnancy vomiting is due to the increase in HCG, which causes the secretion of gastric acid to decrease, and the digestive capacity of food in the stomach is reduced, which will cause nausea.

▶ Kojima TIPS:

The fetus is not very stable in the early pregnancy. The expectant mothers need to recover more. Do not put themselves in pressure. Do n’t force themselves.

▼ In the middle of pregnancy: began to run in various examinations

4) NT, Tang Siek

After the baby is basically stable, the expectant mothers will start to run in various examinations, NT, Tang sieve, deformed, and sugar resistance.

Each check is a communication with the child

5) Increased pregnancy reactions

In addition to early pregnancy vomiting, the front chest and back will feel discomfort. As the baby grows up slowly, frequent urination, hemorrhoids, and stretch marks will come to the door one by one.

6) Supplement protein

The baby should be supplemented with nutrition in the second trimester. Please pay attention to supplementing nutrition is not a huh plot, protein is supplied to the baby, and carbohydrates are fat on the expectant mothers.

▶ Kojima TIPS:

During the second trimester of pregnancy, the baby’s development should be valued. Specific mothers should control their own diet. Excess nutrition will increase the pressure of later production, and insufficient nutrition will cause dysplasia.

Seeing the baby slowly grows up, there are a lot of happiness

▼ Late pregnancy: the last effort for delivery

7) Adjust your emotions

After more than six months of suffering, in the third trimester of pregnancy, the expectant mothers are more anxious, and any wind will feel that they are going to give birth.

This is what we often mention. The more afraid of production, the more I want to make the day earlier, and the feeling of waiting is too torment.

8) Adjust sleep

In the last one or two months, insomnia, light sleep, and dreams have a poor spirit of destroying expectant mothers. At this time, the encouragement and companionship of family members is important.

The expectant mother must also adjust itself. A glass of milk before going to bed is a good choice.

9) Adjust check

The number of examinations in the third trimester will become more and more frequent. All the questions you worry about should be asked boldly to learn how to judge true and false contractions from the doctor. This is not embarrassing.

If you are in pregnancy, you will be anxious and painful. We must be clear that at the end of the torment and boiling, it is a kind of delicious dishes on the table.

Every baby is lucky

The efforts we have done are for a healthy baby. Maybe you think you want to bear these pains, why are you not as serious as yourself?You must know that there are unknown efforts behind all the bright and beautiful.

At the end

No matter how beautiful the world of others is, it is not as good as the universe and Xinghe they created.

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