Pregnancy pays attention to the time and place of the world. In these 7 cases, it is recommended that you still slowly first slowly

Pregnancy pays attention to the time and place, and it is not suitable for pregnancy.In recent years, the environment has changed a lot, and the incidence of malformations has also increased. Ferre children can increase the burden on society and families.Now many couples have begun to pursue eugenics and good health, prepare for related examinations before pregnancy, and welcome the baby’s arrival with the best physical fitness, so as to ensure the health of the baby to the greatest extent.However, in some cases, you need to be pregnant with caution, so as not to affect your baby’s development.

1. When the virus infection or fever

If women have suffered rubella in the past six months; recently injected with poisoning live vaccines or rubella vaccines; unable to explain systemic itching, urticaria, and wind groups that occur within two months before pregnancy;A positive woman cannot get pregnant early.Whether it is infected with virus or allergic reactions, the toxins produced will damage the body, especially the embryo tissue that is in the growth and development period.

Under normal circumstances, it takes at least one week against the body against the virus. Even if there is no symptoms in the body, it does not mean that the toxin has been completely cleaned, and the virus will still stay in the body for a long time.Therefore, the above women should prepare for more than half a year.

2. After stop taking long -acting contraceptives

Most of the hormone drugs are artificially synthesized, which contains too much sex hormone, which stays in the body for a long time.If you stop taking long -acting contraceptives every month, you may cause fetal malformations, so you can get pregnant at least half a year.

3. After a caesarean section

If the first child is for delivery, if you want to prepare for at least 2 to 3 years.After a caesarean section, you are pregnant less than one year. The placenta may be implanted in the scar. As the uterus continues to expand, the scar uterus may break blood loss and threaten life.

4. Stay in high pollution and high radiation environment

For a long time exposed to high -intensity electromagnetic radiation, exposed to the newly decorated house, and flying for a long time, although it will not cause obvious malformations, it will cause fetal hematopoietic dysfunction.

5. Take a contraceptive ring

The contraceptive ring is a foreign body in the uterus, which can interfere with the fertilized eggs to bed, thereby playing a contraceptive effect.However, the contraceptive rate is not 100%. The combined fertilized eggs are likely to be bed. Due to the interference of the birth ring, the embryonicization and development are abnormal.

6. After taking contraceptives

Emergency contraceptives are a remedial measure for after -to be, but this is artificially synthetic hormone drugs.If you are pregnant after taking emergency contraceptives, it is likely to affect fetal development.

7. After premature or abortion

The endocrine function and endometrium of women after premature or aborted have not fully returned to normal. Too early sexual life may cause acute inflammation. Too early pregnancy may cause placenta adhesion or implantation, and even cause serious consequences.Pregnancy can be prepared at least three menstrual cycles after premature or abortion.

Kind tips

In the above cases, you should be careful about pregnancy, so you should not be too hurried, so as not to affect your baby’s development.Three months before pregnancy must ensure good health and disease. As long as one party has hepatitis, nephritis, and tuberculosis, especially with hyperthyroidism, epilepsy, sexually transmitted diseases, and tumor and heart disease, they must not conceive.Prepare pregnancy after three months.Folic acid should be supplemented before preparing for pregnancy, which can promote the development of fetal nervous system and prevent neural tube malformation.

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