Pregnant female colleagues took half a month, I deliberately rode a bicycle to work, and I stunned her husband’s phone call.

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—— [Foreword] –

The world is big, nothing is strange, and the outrageous things often happen to us. Chen, who is pregnant with the six -year -old Chen, let the male colleague Li pick up and get off work every day. The car is half a month.What happened to female colleagues.

Since then, Li has been riding a bicycle to get off work, and she wants to see how she caught the car this time. She was so thick enough, but she received a call from her husband. Is she suspected of what happened to the two?The car was finally discovered for half a month.

Li returned home on a bicycle and just wanted to go to the kitchen to help his wife wash vegetables. It was a female colleague Chen. After Li connected, Chen scolded it. I am a pregnant woman. Why don’t you send me back?The home is not speechless, and he roars directly at the phone. My husband has taken it for half a month. What else do you want?

The phone was silent for a while, thinking of a man’s voice, hello, I am Ms. Chen’s husband, my wife is used to getting on your car every day, and you have not sent her home today. She is very sad. Please be right. PleaseMy wife apologized.

Li was shocked. What logic is this? Normal men will not let their wife take other people’s car. The other person’s heart is really big and larger than the universe.If you have no obligation to control your wife, you can do it yourself, and you hung up the phone after you say.

Li’s wife is very angry. There is a pit that I have encountered. How can there be an apology for a male colleague car? What is going on?I have to start half a month ago.

—— [Request from pregnant women ·] –

Li was still working in a company half a month ago. He worked in the personnel department. He was not busy. He was all internal things. Basically, he did not need to go out.For lack of money, he and his wife have worked, and the children are going to school. The elderly in the family have retirement pensions, and their lives are very moist.

The reason why Li chose to work in the personnel department is to be leisurely, just add some of the boring life to himself, but it is not good. The company he is in is not too prosperous, so he has to lay off.

The personnel department can’t use too many people. He is the oldest among these people, so he was cut off. After giving him a sum of money, Li went home.After playing with his wife and the child for a few days, he felt that he couldn’t be able to take care of it, and he should continue to find a job.

He continued to vote for his resume, participated in the interview, and was eventually selected by the company now. He entered the personnel department again. His colleagues were very good to him and were very easy to get along. Li was very satisfied with this job, but he found that there was a pregnancy.Women, colleagues do not talk to her.

Li was very strange. Is this an isolated? When he was doubtful, the woman patted his shoulder and greeted him. Li found that it was not difficult to get along.

But soon after, Li found that Chen was particularly annoying. It was a full thing. It kept talking all day long. Li Mou made her disturb. No wonder everyone did not talk to her.There are so many words every day.

However, Li did not dare to refuse clearly. After all, the other party was a pregnant woman. If he quarreled, the other party would not be able to compensate me if he hurt his body. After work, Chen suddenly asked Li.I didn’t think about it. I didn’t expect Chen to be very happy, saying that her home was nearby, hoping that Li could take her a journey.

Li couldn’t bear to refuse the other person’s stomach, so he had to send her home. Li was afraid that his wife was unhappy. After returning home, Li took the initiative to report to the situation today. My wife said that the person you met was really strange.Pit, you are about to stay away from her.

Li felt that his wife’s words made sense and decided not to provoke Chen in the future. I did not expect that Chen Mou actually asked him to pick up himself every day. This really made his wife guess right., I have my wife and children. I don’t want my family to misunderstand, I’m sorry I can’t carry you.

I did not expect that Chen was unwilling, so that Li must send himself. Chen’s husband had to pick up the child every day and had to go to get off work. There was no time to control her. She put on a poor look. My heart is softened, this can make Chen happy.

Chen seems to have never regarded Li as an outsider. The first day he just came to the company was very enthusiastic. If he was not pregnant, others thought that Chen was in love with Li. People like Chen were born in natural people.If you are familiar, you can open your heart and laugh.

The work hours arrived quickly. Chen was waiting for Li to finish the work and sent her home. Li sighed helplessly, so he had to take Chen to go home, so after he took it for half a month, Li was able to receive it again.No, outsiders started to rumors, what to do with his wife, he suddenly thought of a way, and after overtime, Chen would leave automatically, and he would leave automatically.

Li thought that he could get rid of this difficult woman, but what made him unexpected was that he had worked overtime, and Chen waited a few points, and said that he could wait for him. Husbands have been out of get off work earlier. Is it okay to let him pick you up?

—— [Paoge’s ending] –

Chen was impatient and urged Li to go quickly. This really regarded him as a driver. Li couldn’t help it, so he had to send Chen home again.His wife asked him why he came back so late.

The wife was shocked. What kind of thing this encounters this, how old to call for other husband’s husband, do you not know how to avoid suspicion at all? He has been taking a ride for half a month.Without driving her directly, Li said helplessly that she is a pregnant woman. In case of trouble, what we do will be gossip.

The wife said, don’t drive tomorrow, go cycling, I don’t believe she is still sitting, the brain is as sick all day. I think she is a pregnant woman.If you are familiar, the children may not be sure who it is.

Li felt that cycling was a good idea, so the next day he rode a bicycle to the company, and did not drive to pick up Chen. Chen ran to the company angrily to ask Li to ask Li.Looking at Li, Li felt lost his face and no longer couldn’t bear it.

Li said, first, I really have no obligation to give you a driver every day. Who do you love to find in the future? Second, my car is broken, so what is wrong with me?, I will always let you.

At this time, Li’s man’s manner broke out at this time, and Chen was stunned. The people in the office were discussing Chen, because Chen himself was not very good at the character of the company. Now he is more accused.The son couldn’t stand it, and went home at anger.

Li Mou felt much easier. On the way home from work, he felt like he was fluttering and had no burden. He had to go home and told his wife the good news.It was unreasonable that he didn’t expect to apologize him. It was unreasonable that both people had sickness.

—— 【Conclusion】 –

Li Mou simply hung up the phone, and he would resign tomorrow, and he was far away from that person.In our lives, we cannot decide what kind of people, but we can decide our own thoughts, and we must propose it as soon as possible to encounter things that make ourselves dissatisfied.

The longer one thing is dragged, the less you know how to speak, so the things you do n’t want to clearly reject each other, especially in the relationship between the relationship between men and women, the line of clearing the boundary must be cleared.

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