Pregnant mothers should pay attention to these two values on the report form of early pregnancy

The most feared in the early pregnancy is a threatened abortion, and the two data that has thousands of strands of abortion with the aura is progesterone and HCG.

From the beginning of pregnancy, everyone has been in contact with these two stuff. What are they and what role they are familiar.But after pregnancy, especially signs of abortion, expectant mothers were confused.What is the relationship between progesterone and HCG?

Today we talk to the majority of sisters who are preparing for pregnancy. We will talk about the complex relationship between progesterone and HCG and prepare for pregnancy.


What is progesterone and what is HCG

After successful pregnancy, we went to the hospital to check the two data that often seen were progesterone and HCG, and doctors also valued these two data.

Modernone, also known as progesterone, is a natural progesterone secreted by women’s ovarian luteal. Together with estrogen, it creates a good living environment for the growth of the baby in the uterus, which is essential to the growth and development of the baby.

Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a kind of glycoprotein secreted by the nourishing layer of the placenta. The examination of HCG is of great significance to the diagnosis of early pregnancy diagnosis.Observation of diseases has a certain value.


Mogoone decreases, HCG doubles well

HCG doubles, and progesterone has decreased, which shows that the embryo is developing normally, but the function of HCG to promote progesterone is not good.If this situation is conditional, you can rest, try to lie as much as possible.


Performatone is normal, HCG has doubled

Weltone is normal, but HCG has doubled, and this is very small.Because HCG promotes the generation of progesterone, HCG is not good, and progesterone is generally not good.

1. Normal progesterone, HCG has doubled "relative".What do you mean, that is, you go to test one day. The value goes up but it does not reach multiple. It is so bad that it is relatively bad.If your HCG is already tens of thousands of, then it is not so fast at first, and the speed will drop, it is normal.

2. Normal progesterone, HCG doubles "absolute".It is absolutely not good, that is, the value is in one range. For example, 8 days, only doubled, this situation is not very wonderful.

First of all, to exclude ectopic pregnancy, and then there may be problems with embryos. Now many hospitals only supplement progesterone, rarely supplement HCG, because HCG is likely to be bad in the embryo itself, and the value of tire protection is not high.


Performatone decreases, HCG doubles poorly

HCG does not double the decline, and progesterone is also decreasing. In this case, the doctor recommends that you keep your fetus first. If you still have no improvement after taking tire preservation measures, you will suggest that you give up as soon as possible.

Because in this case, it is most likely that the embryo itself is not good, and it is meaningless to protect the fetus.If the fetus is forced to keep the fetus, even if the fetus is successful, the fetus will face more tests during the later pregnancy, and even encounter a tire stop. When surgery is performed later, the expectant mothers will add a danger.

HCG and progesterone synergy is indispensable

HCG, human chorionic gonadotropin, many people often miss or reverse some words, but it doesn’t matter, everyone knows what it is.HCG starts to produce six days after pregnancy. At this time, the days when the fertilized eggs are preparing to bed. HCG will stimulate the human body to produce progesterone.Welon is about to ensure the internal environment of the uterus, as much as possible to protect the embryo without being disturbed by external force.

So how does HCG produce? In fact, when fertilized eggs, it will extend a branches of tentacles and grab the uterine wall. These tentacles are fluff, which will form an early placenta.When the placenta is not mature, these hairs will become more and attached to form a thin film.These choricular membranes are gradually covered with blood vessels, becoming the connection between the initial mother and embryo interaction, and metabolic waste.The growth of this kind of fluff is doubled. Generally speaking, HCG doubles the next day.

Another important role of HCG is to reduce the rejection of pregnant mummy.There is a parasite on the body. Generally speaking, the human body’s immune system is to attack, but HCG confuses the mother and tells them that this is safe and your own, so the human immune system will not start.

The synergy of HCG and progesterone, on the one hand, allows the embryo to obtain nutrients, on the other hand to ensure the safety of the embryo, so it is indispensable.HCG has doubled. Due to the lack of nutrients in the embryo, it may be slow or even stopped. Instead of progesterone, the embryo will be unstable in bed, causing bleeding or even abortion.However, the value of HCG and progesterone is low, and it is not necessarily aborted. It is just that the chance will be high. Once bleeding occurs, you should check it. If you have a bad pregnancy history before, you can also prevent it in case.

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