Pregnant mothers still work when they are pregnant, but because of pregnancy vomiting, they are "hypocritical" by colleagues. The husband’s practice is very powerful.

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The characteristics of each woman after pregnancy are different.Some women still eat and drink well, and they are as light as swallows, but some women have serious pregnancy reactions.

It is also pregnant. Why do some pregnant women infertility and some pregnancy vomiting strong?In fact, this has a lot to do with the fetus in the abdomen.

Sisi and Nana are employees of the same department of the company. They are pregnant in almost the same time, but they have a big difference in pregnancy.

Sisi always shakes, and does not seem to be affected by pregnancy, and work efficiency is no different from before.But Nana is different. Nana’s pregnancy response is very serious. Sometimes, after a few minutes of meeting, she has to go to the bathroom.

Normally, Nana is a leave of three days and two ends. When working, she is basically sluggish.During the time when Nana asked for leave, her job was shared by colleagues.

Therefore, colleagues have a lot of complaints, and they all talk about Nana’s excessive "arrogance" behind her.Even the leader will let Nana not be too confusing and work hard.

Nana felt very wronged. She had a great psychological pressure during pregnancy. In addition, she was even more sad.

Nana’s husband was very worried about seeing his wife, and directly persuaded Nana to resign, and said, "It’s okay not to work, I support you."

Nana’s heart was comforted in the comfort of her husband.However, the problem of pregnancy is indeed a problem that many women care about.

1. The reason for the baby

Due to the differences in the level of maternal hormones, the growth and development of the baby in the abdomen are not the same.If the baby develops more stable in the abdomen, the mother’s body will be relatively stable.

The whole process of pregnancy will not be so uncomfortable, and naturally there will be no serious pregnancy reaction.But if the baby is not stable, mothers may have serious pregnancy reactions.

2. The reason for the mother

After the mothers are pregnant, the changes in the level of hormone secretion will directly make their stomach discomfort, which will cause vomiting.

In addition, some expectant mothers may have a strong psychological suggestion. They are afraid of the baby’s loss during pregnancy, so they are too nervous, which causes serious pregnancy reactions.

1. Food therapy

If mothers’ pregnancy reactions are very serious, they can eat more dry foods, such as grilled buns and bread slices.

This can effectively reduce the reaction of pregnancy.At the same time, if pregnancy is serious, you can also eat more alkaline foods such as vegetables and fruits.

2. Drug therapy

If the mothers’ pregnancy is very serious, it is not conducive to the growth and development of the baby.At this time, expectant mothers can appropriately supplement some nutrients with the help of drugs.

For example, it is rich in vitamin B and vitamin C, but taking these potions requires it under the guidance of a doctor, otherwise it will hurt the mother.

3. Sports therapy

If mothers have serious pregnancy reactions in the early pregnancy, then exercise therapy can be used appropriately at this time to do some gentle exercises, such as yoga and so on.Not only can you change your mood, but you can also strengthen your body.

4. Psychotherapy

During pregnancy, expectant mothers, if psychological pressure is too large, it is likely to cause severe pregnancy reactions.

At this time, mothers can use psychotherapy to relax their mood through psychological cues, so that the pregnancy response can be effectively relieved.

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