Pregnant sows always don’t eat ingredients, do this!

The breeding of pregnant sow is related to the reserve power of the entire pig group in the future, so don’t look down on it, you must pay attention to it. The following editors will share with you a few major reasons for the pregnancy of the pregnant sow.Come to some gains!

1. Improper breeding management

1. Feed too much sedge in the sows, so that the burden on the stomach and intestines is too heavy, which will cause sows to lose their appetite, even anorexia, and do not eat feed.

2. The quality of the feed is not good, and the lack of vitamins, minerals, and other trace elements will cause indigestion, so pregnant sows do not eat ingredients.

3. Pregnant sow lacks exercise, it is easy to gastrointestinal weakness, and poor appetite, so don’t eat it

4. High temperature in summer, heat stimulation affects the appetite of pregnant sows, causing sows not to eat.

2. The characteristic performance of the pregnant sow does not eat ingredients

1. Features: Pregnant sows can occur during different periods of sows for sows, but most of them do not eat feed for 20-50 days of pregnancy or one month before giving birth.

2. Symptoms: The temperature of the sow of pregnancy is normal or low, no spirit, drowsiness, normal or dry stool, and may be constipation. Finally, the appetite develops into anorexia and hunger strike, threatening the health of sows and fetuses.

3. Prevention measures for pregnancy sows without eating ingredients

1. It is best to feed full -price feed to make the nutrition sufficiently balanced. In addition, the taste of the feed is good, which can increase the appetite of the sows.

2. Feed some green coarse feed in the diet, which can supplement vitamins, minerals, etc. to promote gastrointestinal motility.

3. Make pregnant sows properly to exercise appropriately, helping to eat more, and it is also good for future production.

4. Create a good breeding environment and do a good job in heat preservation and prevention, which will not affect the appetite of the sows.

5. Add some traditional Chinese medicine to the diet to regulate the stomach and promote digestion.

6. When the sow is loses or the feces are dry, you can use some light laxatives to clean up the stomach.

4. Pregnant sow does not eat food -treatment plan

1. Drugs that are digested with stomach and digestion, such as composite vitamin B for treatment.

2. Feed some green feed, edible oil, etc. in conjunction with the gastrointestinal and intestines, and add some laxatives to clean up the stomach.

3. Proper use of antibacterial drugs to prevent secondary infections.

4. When the condition is more serious, it is best to inject hydraulic salt and glucose liquid.

5. Most of the severe stools will occur in the heavier syndrome before giving birth. If you want the sow to restore your appetite, you can first pass the intestinal tract.

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