##Pregnant wife accidentally hits the girlfriend and husband.

Pregnant wife found that girlfriends are playing mini -games with her husband.

Look at the woman’s belly of 10 and a half months, and came to her best friend’s house for dinner.Her husband’s clothes were spilled in the living room, and then the bedroom heard the pain of his girlfriend.I saw a woman slowly walking towards the bedroom. At this time, the woman couldn’t believe her eyes, and the woman turned to leave desperately.

The pregnancy wife accidentally discovered, why did you come?Yes, shouldn’t I come?Sorry you continue.

The principal is not what you see, what should be like?You are really my good girlfriend, don’t touch me.At this time, the sad woman didn’t know where to drive, and even her husband’s phone was too lazy to answer.

But at this time, the woman hit the truck directly on the opposite side. Because of the inadequate attention, the woman was quickly taken to the hospital.After the doctor’s efforts, the tragedy occurred.I’m really sorry that we have tried their best. The patient has severe brain injury. When we wake up, we can’t say it.

The mother looked at the daughter lying on the sick bed, and it was a sad heart.But the husband outside the door rushed directly to his girlfriend’s arms because of sadness, secretly sad.But the final efforts are returned.Women are taking care of her mother, and finally their bodies are still moving.The doctor quickly contacted the operating room for surgery.

Girlfriends are playing mini -games with her husband.Five years have passed, and women have become the company’s president at this time, and even their names have changed.Because when a woman woke up, she lost part of her memory. In order to prevent her from being hurt by the man again, her mother directly lied that her daughter died, and the original man didn’t care about her wife.

Girlfriends are playing mini -games with her husband.Soon he came with his wife’s girlfriend.On this day, the man met important customers in the restaurant. Unexpectedly, when the customer appeared in front of the man, the man was shocked immediately. I saw him running forward and hugging the woman tightly.Unexpectedly, the president of the Mo’s Group was such a superficial person.Xiaorou didn’t make trouble. I was wrong. Mr. Mu was Wu Xin. He was the manager of the Arafa Group. He was sorry for me.Because you have grown up, it is exactly the same as my wife. Such the old -fashioned picking method is still in trouble, then I think our cooperation should not need to go on.Women are going to leave.The man suddenly took out his mobile phone and showed the woman’s photo of his wife.When the woman saw the photo, she was silent for a while, and she was no longer embarrassed.

Let’s start, then sit together to talk about life.However, during their communication, the woman suddenly received the news of her daughter’s serious illness. In addition, the blood bank of our hospital did not have the inventory of RH’s sway blood.You can think of a way, a woman hurried to the hospital.In the end, the man who was not assured also rushed to the hospital with a woman.The doctor is playing a mini -game with her husband.The patient’s condition is very dangerous now, and the plasma is not enough. I am Rh Yinqing and I go away.It turns out that the little girl is Rh and sunny blood.At this time, the hospital’s blood bank did not have this blood type. It happened that the man was this kind of blood type. Then I saw the woman sitting at the door of the operating room. It was very sad and soon successfully ended. The patient had been out of danger from life.Thank you.Fortunately, the child’s father was sent, otherwise the child would be dangerous.The doctor’s words shocked the man.How is this going?Click the link in the lower left corner to view more wonderful follow -up.The pregnant wife accidentally discovered that her girlfriend was playing mini -games with her husband.

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