Pregnant women accidentally crashed the lake, two civil servants in Anhui rescued people ashore in 60 seconds

Jimu Journalist Yao Gang

A woman who was pregnant at 4 months accidentally hit the car and drove the car into the lake. Two men passing by at the scene quickly stopped. One of them jumped into the cold lake water and was trapped in just 60 seconds.Pregnant women successfully rescued.On March 24, Jimu Journalists were interviewed and learned that the two rescuers were civil servants in Chizhou, Anhui. Zhang Zhaojun, who dived and saved, said that he did not think too much and dived directly to save people.

Video passed on the Internet showed that on a road along the lake, a white car suddenly fell into the lake.At the critical moment, two men hurriedly stopped, one of them went to the water to rescue the trapped people in the white car.Subsequently, the trapped woman in the white car was successfully rescued.

This video moved a lot of netizens. Some netizens said that the saved man was a civil servant in Chizhou, Anhui.

On March 24, Jimu Journalists learned from the Organization Department of the Guichi District Committee of Chizhou City that the man who saved people was Cai Song and Zhang Zhaojun of the unit.Zhang Zhaojun introduced that on the morning of March 20, when he and his colleague Cai Song launched an epidemic prevention and control inspection, he drove between the No. 1 Bridge and No. 2 Bridge of Pingtian Lake Scenic Area, Guichi District, Chizhou City.The car hit a car next to it.Subsequently, the white car rushed into the lake.

Seeing this, Zhang Zhaojun, who was driving, hurriedly stopped and got off the car with his colleague Cai Song to the lake.Zhang Zhaojun immediately jumped into the lake and opened the door hard, but failed to open it.As a result, he kicked his body and opened the door hard to pull the pregnant woman in the trapped car.Subsequently, with the help of Zhang Zhaojun, the trapped pregnant women arrived safely.Zhang Zhaojun said that according to the video shot by the driving recorder, the entire save process was about 60 seconds.

After being rescued, the pregnant woman claimed that she was pregnant for four months. At that time, she rushed to the lake after accidentally colliding.Zhang Zhaojun told reporters that the other feet of the pregnant woman were slightly injured, and the others were not a big deal.


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