Pregnant women can’t take medicine casually!These 3 suggestions, there is no harm for collection

Colds are common respiratory diseases, which can develop throughout the year, and more winter and spring.Virus infections, bacterial infections, etc. can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as headache, cough, runny nose, fever and other discomfort.During the pregnancy, the enzymes of pregnant women have changed to a certain amount of changes, which has an impact on the metabolic process of the drug. At this time, the random medication may have adverse consequences on the development of the fetus. Therefore, the pregnant woman should be cautious after a cold.

Pregnant women should pay attention to 3 o’clock!

1. Mild symptoms should drink plenty of water and take more rest. It is not recommended for taking medicine.When pregnant women have fever symptoms, but their body temperature is not higher than 38 ° C, physical cooling can be used, such as wet towels cold compresses, warm water wipes, etc.

2. The body temperature is higher than 39 ° C and lasts for more than 3 days: When it is in the early pregnancy period, if you have a cold within two weeks after ovulation, the general medication will not have much effect on the fetus.The development of the central nervous system, it is best to seek medical observation at this time; in the middle of pregnancy, you can take some proprietary Chinese medicines with relatively few adverse reactions; in the third trimester, taking cold medicines generally have much impact on pregnant women and fetuses, but can be in the past, but can be in it, but it can be in it.Doctors or pharmacists suggest to choose the right medicine.

However, it should be noted that pregnant women should not take aspirin. The use of aspirin three months before pregnancy may cause malformation and may induce abortion due to affecting coagulation function.

3. Colds caused by bacterial infections can be treated with safer antibacterial drugs according to the type of bacterial infection, such as penicillin and cephalosporin, splinycin, texycin, chloroptein, etc.Drugs should not be taken.For colds caused by virus infections, because antiviral drugs are more harmful to fetuses, general women should not use it without authorization.

Pregnant women are special groups. Generally, minor colds are not recommended for medication, but the body temperature is higher than 39 ° C and it lasts for more than 24 hours to seek medical treatment in time. The symptomatic medicine should not delay the disease, so as not to adversely affect the fetus.

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