Pregnant women try not to do these things as much as possible. If you want to hold back, the child will "benefit for life"

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For each family, it is the best gift given by heaven, which is very precious.When this heavenly gift was just coming, when the mother was pregnant, it was really surprising and looking forward to it.

Every expectant mother wants the baby to be born safely.As a pregnant mother, for the health of the baby, pregnant women try not to do these things as much as possible. If you think about it, you should hold back. The child will "benefit for a lifetime". The first two things are important.

1. Don’t smoke

Smoking is harmful to health. Basically, this sentence is printed on every cigarette case, and everyone knows, but many people just can’t help but want to feel the stimulus brought by "Nicotine".It’s easy.

Smoking damage to the baby is more than the adult University, and seriously may even cause the fetus to "deform".

For the baby’s health, no matter how much smoking is during pregnancy, the expectant mother must hold back.Also pay attention to the environment of smoking, so that people around you should not smoke in front of you. You must know that the harm of second -hand smoke is more serious than first -hand smoke.

2. Don’t drink

Long -term drinking has a great damage to the body. For pregnant women, the damage of drinking is even more serious. No matter which stage of pregnancy, drinking will have a great impact on the fetus.

When pregnant women drink alcohol, alcohol can damage the fetal’s central nervous system, and it will hurt each system of the body, and there is a great chance to cause fetal malformation.

Even if you are lucky, when you are born during pregnancy, the child looks healthy, and the child may have low intelligence and high lengths during the growth process.

For the health of the baby, the pregnant mother must pay attention when she is pregnant and not drink alcohol.

3. Don’t make up, you can use cosmetics with pure plant ingredients

There are people who love beauty. Even if they are pregnant, many mothers want to keep themselves beautiful.However, many cosmetics may cause harm to the baby, and try not to make up as much as possible during pregnancy.

If you want to maintain a beautiful image and insist on makeup, you should also pay attention to choosing cosmetics with pure natural plant ingredients. It is best to indicate that pregnant women can be used.

4. Try not to eat or eat less junk food

During pregnancy, the taste of pregnant women is elusive. Some people may want to eat baking skewers or various fried high -calorie foods, and even some junk foods.

But these things are not healthy, and they are not good for the baby’s development. Try not to eat it.If you want to eat these foods at a certain stage, eat less and taste the taste.

5. Take a bath or take a hot bath

Women are very prone to fatigue after pregnancy.To relieve fatigue, taking a hot bath is a very good way, but during pregnancy, this method is not suitable.

When bathing, the risk of being infected by external bacteria will be increased. In addition, if the temperature is high, it may cause the fetal hypoxia, which is also very harmful to the fetus.

6. Don’t stay in bed all the time

After pregnancy, the expectant mothers do everything carefully, and they are worried that they do not pay attention to what happened.Some even lie on the bed, rarely walk, let alone go out.

But this is not good for the fetus.Except for their own physical reasons, doctors recommend that they stay in bed and rest, and the rest should often go out and perform activities, so that they have great benefits to the development of the fetus.

I often walk around. In the future, it can be easier if it is delivery.

As a pregnant mother, we all hope that our baby is good, can be born safe and healthy, and can grow up healthily in the future.When you are pregnant, you need to pay attention to these points, persist in doing it, and the baby can benefit his life in the future.

I am Mu Lian’s mother, a senior infant and illustrator, and a mother of a 4 -year -old child.If you are on your parenting road, you can come to me about children’s psychological, diet, and daily care.

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