Pregnant women who are pregnant at 32 weeks, experts help them protect their fetuses for two weeks

—— Bi Jiajia/Wen

33 -year -old Lulu (pseudonym) is

A happy second child mother

She is 32 weeks pregnant

It’s about to usher in a new life soon

something unexpected may happen any time

Just on this festival

She encountered a serious car accident

32 weeks of pregnancy encountered a serious car accident

This is an ordinary day

Lulu rides a electric car and walks on the road with Dabao

But was suddenly knocked down by a taxi

Both she and Dabao were injured

Serious injury

But the specific situation is not clear for the time being

After being sent to 120, it was sent to it urgently

Zhengzhou People’s Hospital actively treats treatment

Because this is a special patient

The doctor quickly fully evaluates the condition and improves the relevant examination

Although the CT class can quickly understand the fracture situation

But in order to avoid impact on pregnant women and fetuses

The doctor decisively arranged for her

Safe more magnetic resonance examination

The test results show:

Lesson fracture of the left pelvic (fragmented fracture of acetabular acetabular acetabular)

Subsequently, Lulu was sent to the orthopedic area of the orthopedic department (orthopedic and joint surgery) of the Zhengzhou People’s Hospital to continue emergency treatment. Her supervisor and deputy chief physician Xing Linqing introduced:

Expert interpretation

If such severe fractures occur, surgical treatment should be performed as soon as possible.But this is a special patient, a 32 -week pregnant woman who is pregnant. The condition is complicated. The director and the supervisor physician attach great importance to it. It quickly forms a team of experts with rich experience.Treatment plans to ensure the health and safety of maternal and infants.

Multi -disciplinary consultation, dedicated treatment

The orthopedic three -waters joint production, neonatal, anesthesiology, general surgery, urology, intensive care room and other departments conducted multiple consultations.

Suggestions for consultation:

First of all, drugs are used to promote the maturity of fetal lungs and ensure the safety of newborns, as soon as possible after two weeks before cesarean section surgery can be performed, so as to create conditions for fracture surgery.

Experts have also considered

Can you surgery at the same time?

However, it is denied due to the high risk of this scheme

In order not to affect the fetus

Doctors should minimize medicinal applications such as painkillers

And the pelvic crushing fracture makes her unbearable

Doctors and nurses are also very anxious

Take various analgesic measures

And strengthen the fracture care and psychological counseling of Lulu

During the treatment, her eating, drinking

Can only be solved in bed

This is undoubted for Lulu

huge challenge

During this period

Monitor the fetal heart by obstetric care staff regularly

After persisting less than two weeks, Lulu was unbearable because of severe pain in the fracture.As a result, the obstetrics performed a cesarean section for her, and the neonatal and intensive care room -related medical staff during the operation escorted.

When Lulu’s baby is born

Symptoms of life

But because the moon is not full

And 20 minutes after birth

No obvious incentive moan, etc.

Urgently sent to the neonatal department for treatment

High difficulty surgery, successfully complete

One week after Lulu completed the cesarean section, after the physical condition was stable, the team of orthopedic three -disease experts performed the pelvic fracture before and after the back and fractures combined with the fixation of the steel plate.

Xing Linqing, deputy chief physician, introduced that due to the special fractures of the patient, there are many difficulties in the operation.

First, the acetabular fractures, and the position of the fracture is difficult to expose. In addition, the patient has just finished the cesarean section surgery, the surgical incision is similar, and the anatomical position is adjacent to it, so it is necessary to operate carefully during the operation.

Second, the pelvic fracture position is deep and covered with important organs in the pelvic cavity. The operation of the operation requires extremely high professional skills.

Third, the fracture site is crushing fractures. This pelvic anatomy is complicated, the morphological structure is irregular, and it is more difficult to deal with.

Under the superb operation of the expert team of the orthopedic area

Lulu’s surgery is successfully completed

After surgery, in addition to lying flat in bed, you can also lie on the right side, and at the same time need to prevent postoperative infection.

Deputy Chief Physician Xing Linqing introduced that patients still need to stay in bed for 2 months to ensure that the fracture is fully healed.At present, the patient’s condition is stable and gradually improved under the careful treatment of the orthopedic medical team.

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