Pregnant women’s psychology | What are the negative emotions of pregnant women during pregnancy?How to take care of yourself?

From pregnancy stage to production, it can be said that the most strange journey of a woman’s life.From the physiological perspective, in addition to the gradual bulge of the belly, the breasts also begin to start lactation operation for postpartum feeding. The pregnant woman will also squeeze other organs after the uterus is enlarged, and the body is uncomfortable or causes edema.It is also because it is to be assigned to the fetus, and it becomes upset without being angry. Some pregnant women will also have different physical reactions due to hormones, such as: dizziness, skin changes, fatigue, and pregnancy vomiting.Changes will also affect the psychological state of pregnant women.

However, from a psychological perspective, non -voluntary pregnancy, uncertainty whether you are ready to have children, and difficult to get pregnant. The inner emotional flow is far away. Here I will share with you the common negative emotional response after the voluntary pregnancy to production:

What are the dangers of adverse emotions during pregnancy

Worried: Every stage of pregnancy has different concerns about women, such as worrying about pregnancy failure, worrying about fetal health, fear of childbirth, whether they can take care of the care, and worry about their children’s growth and health issues.

The body changes have caused the concept of self: some women are in shape due to pregnancy, acne, redness of the skin, and the occurrence of stretch marks caused by itching.Essence

During pregnancy and postpartum discomfort: Some women are sensitive to food during pregnancy, and even have severe vomiting reactions, as well as discomfort caused by backache and edema.Postpartum wound discomfort, breast milk due to lactation or breast blockage, and pain, at the same time, must face care of children and cannot rest well. The above will cause emotional irritability and melancholy emotional response.

Different changes in life: In order to change the diet for fetal health, affect sleep due to pregnancy, and feeding the baby, reducing the opportunity to go out for the baby’s health and care, which is compressed by your own personal time, which causes emotional response to depression and anxiety.

In addition to the above factors, women during pregnancy and postpartum will also affect emotional reactions due to the changes in hormones.Women began to cultivate the role and responsibility of becoming a mother during pregnancy. Because children are connected to the mother, this is much more advanced than men’s psychological preparation, except for the changes and challenges experienced by the body and mentality.So how can you take care of yourself in the face of negative emotions?Please see the following categories:

Settings yourself: Supplementing the knowledge of health education during pregnancy and after production, especially for novice mothers, ignorance and wrong rumors can cause panic of pregnant women and mothers. Only with the correct concept can settle the anxiety.Medical professionals of obstetrics and gynecology.

Disposal of responsibilities: Although the child comes out of your belly and production channel, the child’s health and education responsibility are by no means to allocate the child’s work with the other half, allocate the care responsibility, share togetherJoy also practiced as a responsible parent.

Pingling time: From the beginning of pregnancy to production, women are in a depressed state, such as diet control, time and space compression occupation, physical changes, character changes, etc.The changes that occur are seamlessly continuously occur. It is normal for women to stand on their feet.Only then can we continue to go and continue.

Support system: There is a teammate (the other half) and relatives and friends with psychological support and provision of care assistance. Of course, the pressure on women’s pressure is extra points.Pregnant women and maternals can also seek psychological support resources by themselves, such as: resident consultation at the community psychological and health center, private consulting institutions, maternal care lines, support for maternal community groups, etc.Seek the same sense and let the emotions relieve.

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