The girl who was eight months pregnant was abused by her aunt and her mother -in -law, and her husband’s return surprised everyone.

This is the case. My little aunt sat on the sofa and looked at the mobile phone and asked me to drink a drink.Although I have been pregnant for eight months now, I was still in my belly to go to the kitchen refrigerator and took him over.I happened to walk in front of my aunt, and I didn’t know who threw a banana skin on the ground. I was stepped on and I was slipped.The drinks in this hand accidentally sprinkled all the pants of the aunt.

At that time, my aunt was unwilling. I dragged my clothes and pushed me down to the ground.At that time, my stomach had died in pain.I begged my aunt to take me to the hospital, and I said that my stomach was too painful.

When I just finished speaking, my mother -in -law walked into the house and saw this scene. He pointed at my nose and said, "Sitting on the ground and installing pity.With pregnancy, Jiao Di can not do anything. When I was pregnant, I still went to the ground. Isn’t it good now?

At this time, the little aunt heard, his mother talked to him, and the family played with me again, saying, "Do you want to push you for a while?"You can’t sit up, you want to slap me, you touch the porcelain, you have to touch it outside, you still touch the house, you are so shameless.At that time, I really couldn’t tell them even if I just argued with them.

This my little aunt and my mother -in -law, you scolded me with a mouthful.At this time my husband came back from get off work.As soon as I entered the house, I saw that I was sitting on the ground and covered my stomach. My head was sweaty. I quickly sat next to me and asked my sister. What did you do to your sister -in -law?My little aunt snorted, and said I accidentally pushed it.You said he couldn’t sit on the ground, and his butt was sticking to it.

What’s wrong?He just wanted to make me some money, and there was no excuse to sit there.As soon as the aunt’s words fell, my husband was angry, and when he stood up, he lifted two big mouths to my aunt.

At this time, my mother -in -law scolded his son when he saw it, saying that you were really useless, everyone dare to fight!You dare to fight even your own sister, are you a tiger?I have such a white -eyed wolf, and the elbow is turned out.After the little aunt, my husband shed tears. He said: My daughter -in -law is still pregnant with your grandson. How can you treat him like this?

My mother -in -law went on to say: What’s wrong with pregnancy?Which woman is not pregnant or gives birth?She was pregnant, and I suspected that when you were, I went up the mountain to cut firewood.Do you think our mother is not pretty good?Your daughter -in -law is pretending, and it is obviously that others can’t get up.My husband said: What do you want to do?The aunt stood up and covered his face and said: I see that you have n’t waited for the young woman to finish speaking for the woman outside. This my husband was angry and kicked him on his feet again.of?

I want to say it, don’t be too much to be a person.There are no quarrels between mother -in -law and daughter -in -law who need to understand and tolerate each other.It is not easy for a woman to enter a family. If her husband does not protect her, how can this family stay?

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