Premature babies with one line of fate are discharged from the hospital for 70 days to rescue recovery

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The folk often says that "in October", babies have to "stay" in her mother’s belly for 10 months, that is, it was born in about 40 weeks.However, recently, there is a superpowered bean (child’s milk name) in Guangzhou (the child’s milk name) in Guangzhou, and it has been born in a hurry for 26 weeks.

It is understood that Doudou’s weight is only 1,000 grams when he was born, which is extremely low weight, severe development, and danger of death at any time.The Fifth Affiliated Hospital of Southern Medical University (hereinafter referred to as the "South Medical Fifth Hospital") of the newborn department was fully rescued after 70 days. Doudou successfully passed the heavy life mark, and the signs gradually returned to normal.

Rare premature infants will "break through the level"

Afang, 32, was admitted to the hospital for prematurely in the 24+5 weeks (24 weeks and 5 days). After 2 weeks, the childbirth was over 100,000.Dr. Li Qinghe and the nurse team of Dr. Li Qinghe, who had a wealth of recovery and rescue experience, rushed to the delivery room for rescue, and Afangshun gave birth.Due to only 26+5 weeks of pregnancy, Doudou (infant milk name) was born with only 1,000 grams, which is a very low -weight superpatient.According to reports, the probability of super premature delivery like Doudou is only 2-3 percent of 10,000.

As soon as Doudou was born, he faced the test of life and death test, life signs and other indicators."The child was born poorly at that time, difficulty breathing, and signs of infection in the palace, which was very critical." Huang Weiben, director of the freshman department of the Fifth Hospital of Nanyi Hospital, introduced that in order to rescue the child, the medical team quickly customized according to the situation of Doudou’s condition.After the diagnosis and treatment plan, and made fine adjustments in real time.

According to reports, Doudou needs to break through the ten "terrible pass", such as the aversion, body temperature, feeding, jaundice, and infection.In order to help Doudou cross the breath, the newborn department of the Fifth Hospital of Nanyi has adopted mechanical ventilation to help Doudou breathe. When the breathing is suspended, you need to use breathing stimulants to help Doudou’s autonomous breathing step by step; in order to help Doudou help DouBeans receive nutrition under incomplete gastrointestinal development. The neonatal department uses the central vein tube to supplement nutrition. In order to avoid the unbearable tolerance of Doudou, it also cooperates with family members to breastfeed …

One day, day and after day, the situation of Doudou gradually improved, and he had a strong way to pass the life.After 70 days of long -distance running, Doudou’s weight increased from 1,000 grams to 2550 grams. The evaluation of various indicators such as brain function monitoring, cardiac ultrasound, imaging examination, and retinal screening was good.Symptoms, various vital signs are stable, and Doudou’s "break through the level" is successful.

Premature babies also have the opportunity to develop like normal children

Recently, Doudou was discharged smoothly and was finally able to go home with his parents.In order to express my gratitude, the Afang couple made a special trip to the newborn department to send the flag.Afang choked: "During the help of a doctor and nurse during pregnancy, I learned some knowledge. I know how dangerous the situation of my and my child is, thank you too much!"

"Cure for the disease is our job. Our goal must not only save the baby, but also let the children have the quality of life in the future, and the chain will not be dropped on the starting line." Huang Weiben said.

According to reports, as long as premature babies do not have complications during the development period, they get sufficient nutrition and care, children will have a stage of "catching up".Different, you can have a normal body and live a normal life.(For more news, please pay attention to the Yangcheng Pai

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