Preparation has never been pregnant, don’t forget to do these inspections!

Some small couples may be prepared for a healthy baby, but after a few months, their stomachs have never moved.

Although many people say that pregnancy pays attention to fate, but if you still have no effort for more than a year, Xiaobian suggested that you should go to the hospital for a examination to see where is there a problem?

1. B ultrasound

B -ultrasound is a way to understand the uterus, ovaries, and fallopian tubes.Through B -ultrasound, it can be preliminarily determined whether it is infertility caused by the uterine environment (such as thin endometrium, polyps, etc.); infertility caused by too little follicles; fallopian tube accumulation of water caused by the fallopian tube, which cannot transport the eggs to the uterine cavity.Infertility; or pelvic inflammation affects the fertilized eggs, and then infertility.At the same time, cooperate with the physical and chemical examination to clarify the symptomatic treatment after the cause.

2. Physical chemical examination

▎1, five eugenics

The five eugenics include bowworms, rubella viruses, giant cytoplasm viruses, and herpes zosperthyll viruses. These parasites and virus infections can cause fetal malformations, dead tires, congenital disability or newborn death.It is recommended that the younger sisters prepare can be screened routinely. Pets in the family must screen to eliminate bow -shaped infections!

六2, sex hormone six items

Sisters with irregular menstruation are recommended to do six individual hormones. Through sex hormone examinations, ovarian function can be initially learned.Ovocals, lutein, and excessive testosterone will affect the ovulation function, which will cause infertility.Bleak

▎3, blood sugar

High blood glucose after pregnancy will cause the fetus to develop abnormal, leading to the occurrence of fetal malformations, abortion, huge children, and gestational diabetes.Hyperglycemia is of great risk for pregnancy, so it is of great significance to screen blood sugar levels before pregnancy.Bleak

功能4, thyroid function

The thyroid hormone affects the regulation of the hypothalamus -pituitary -ovarian axis, which causes female menstrual cycle disorders, affects ovulation, and affects pregnancy.There are two main cases of thyroid dysfunction after pregnancy: hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.Women of hyperthyroidism are not easy to get pregnant, and they are prone to abortion even after pregnancy; hypothyroidism will affect the growth and intelligence of the fetus.

3. Drotcar angiography

As a bridge of sperm egg binding, the fallopian tube plays a very important role. The reasons such as tubal adhesion, obstruction, and water accumulation may cause infertility.

Through fallopian tubes, it can understand whether the fallopian tube is unobstructed, whether it is developing normally, and whether there is any deformity.It has therapeutic effect on those who do not communicate with tubal tubes (such as mild adhesion).

4. Hysteroscopy

Hysteroscopy is divided into hysteroscopy and hysteroscopy surgery.Hysteroscopic examination can determine whether there are problems such as inflammation, adhesion, polyps, endosidosis, uterine fibroids, and uterine malformations; and hysteroscopic surgery is mainly to deal with these problems.

5. Routine semen examination

Compared with the cumbersome examination of women, the regular examination of men’s semen is simple, convenient and cheap. Therefore, doctors often recommend infertility, and the man should take advance.In fact, due to the resistance of men, the woman often checked a large circle clinically, but in the end, it was the cause of the man.

Male examinations include genital examinations, semen examination, etc., which can check whether the penis size and development are abnormal, the vasal pipes, the degree of sperm veins, the degree of sperm and the degree of sperm, and the quality of semen.It should be noted that the man should be abstained from the semen for 3 to 7 days before going to the hospital for examination.

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