Pulling up and vomiting, it is not necessarily "eating bad"!Summer diarrhea, the most common reasons for these 4 kinds of causes


A few days ago, two or three colleagues pulled diarrhea in succession and looked weaker than the last Eryang.

Adults are like this, not to mention children!

Every summer, diarrhea has become the target of the attention of parents.

The temperature is high in summer, and the food is easy to breed bacteria, and the baby’s stomach is fragile.

With a little carelessness, the child suffers.Daladin, vomiting and even fever …

Recently, there are more and more parents who have asked children with diarrhea to have diarrhea.

But the University of Science and Technology wants to test everyone first:

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Parents who want to know can pull to the end of the article and read the answer first.

Through these messages, the University of Science and Technology found that many parents believe that diarrhea is not a big problem, and taking some medicine can be better.

However, according to a survey by the World Health Organization, diarrhea is the second major cause of death in the world under five years of age in the world.

In our country, children under 5 years of age will have an average of about 3 times a year.

So when the child is diarrhea, parents should not worry about taking medicine for their children!

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If you want the baby’s diarrhea symptoms to relieve, the fast and effective method is to find the cause of the diarrhea and then the right medicine.

There are many causes of baby diarrhea. In summary, there are 4 categories below.

<1> bacterial infection


This happens, one is caused by eating meals overnight or unclean seafood;

The other is because the baby is in the stage of exploring the world. He likes to touch it everywhere. If you eat your hands, the bacteria will enter the stomach.


In this case, the baby’s baba can be diluted in the early stage, and it may be transformed into mucus or pus and blood samples in the middle stage:

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In addition to diarrhea, babies may also have fever in addition to diarrhea.At the same time, there may be obvious abdominal pain related to defecation.

If there are many stools, or diarrhea is accompanied by more serious vomiting, dehydration will occur;

Severe infection can even cause more critical situations such as purulent and hemorrhoids.


Go to the hospital in time (remember to bring a sample of a baby). The doctor will choose to treat the baby’s antibiotics based on the intensive training and drug sensitivity test. Generally, take the medicine for 5-7 days.

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When I hear the sample with the rabbit, the parents are all: Isn’t this very simple!Then I took the child’s diapers.

Do this completely:

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Not only diapers!There is no pants!Cotton swabs and paper towels are not available!

Get an effective stool sample need:

的 Choose a clean and dry glass bottle, a one -time plastic wrap, or a fresh -keeping bag to retain. Do not use water absorbent utensils to leave a stool specimen.(If the conditions are limited, disposable paper cups are also possible, but try to avoid specimens and pollute the environment.)

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化 To choose a problem with the problem, such as there are blood and mucus, the retained specimen contains blood wire and mucus.

Try to avoid mixed urine and other liquids with more water.

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, If the stool is sparse and the amount of retaining is about 5ml, if the stool is formed, leave the size of the soybeans or the size of the finger.

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个 Generally cannot exceed 1 hour. If it is hot summer, feces are easy to ferment, so it is best to be within 30 minutes

Check.Do not freeze or refrigerate.

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<2> Viral infection


Most of the diarrhea caused by viral infections will have fever, and vomiting may occur in the early stages of the disease.

The baby’s baba is also very different from usual, generally three more: more than one and one: there are many stools, there are many stools, a large amount of stool each time, and more water in the stool.

Most children are accompanied by decreased urine output.

Probably all of this:

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Diards caused by virus infection do not need to be used with antibiotics. Micro -ecological preparations and intestinal mucosal protective agents can be selected. Zinc supplementation can be used. At the same time, pay attention to supplementing liquid.

However, it should be noted that diarrhea caused by virus infections can also cause dehydration.

Therefore, parents who vomit and diarrhea, parents need to pay attention to the amount of water intake and pay attention to the changes in urine volume.

<3> Digestion


If there are more milk petals or primitive food residues in the baby’s stool, not accompanied by fever, and occasionally vomiting, the probability is indigestion.

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Dietary conditioning needs to be strengthened to let children eat thin and digestible foods.

Such as the original rice noodles, rice paste, noodle soup, porridge, etc.Do not eat greasy foods and foods with high protein, such as pork, beef, fish, etc.

<4> Allergies


If the baby has repeatedly dilute water within a few hours to 2 days after eating certain foods, it may be related to two reasons: lactose intolerance and food allergies.

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No matter what kind of diarrhea is caused by the cause, we must pay attention to prevent dehydration!

Once there are obvious dehydration symptoms, parents can first stop eating all solid foods for their children, and at the same time consume an appropriate amount of salt salt to quickly supplement electrolytes.

Then seek medical treatment in time until the liquid is added, and the dehydration performance disappears.

When many parents are diarrhea, they may clean up the babies as soon as possible.

But the University of Science and Technology wants to say that next time, you may wish to observe carefully, there are many answers to the baby’s puppets!

Back to the question at the beginning of the article:

Photo source: Scientific family parenting original

I believe that parents have the answer: blind feeding is not desirable.

The correct approach should be:

Make a preliminary judgment based on the baby’s stool situation and other representations, and then adjust the diet or directly seek medical treatment.

The above judgment method is also applicable to adults. After pulling up, you may wish to observe it

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