Puming the strong kiss, I report directly

Recently, the string of melons in the entertainment industry, I would like to call it: the crotch.The noble 208s, they can play the real flower.

But there are two people who are distressed.

One is Ella.

At the age of 8, he was infringed by the son of his father and friend when he was 8 years old.

When playing a computer game together, the elder brother asked her to sit on her leg, and then put her hands into Ella’s pants. She felt wrong and screamed and ran out.

This incident was buried in her heart for many years.

It wasn’t until the marriage and pregnancy that he had the courage to mention it to his family.

You can only digest silently yourself.

One is Xin Yanlei.

She had encountered a slight obscenity when she was exposed when she was a child.

And pain, suspicion, self -blame, have always existed.

Obviously it is the fault of others.

But you have to use your life to heal yourself.

After the two things broke out, many girls bravely told the story of obscene sexual harassment in their childhood on social platforms.

It turned out that it was an example, but found that it was the common secret of many girls.

The most terrible thing is that the offender is by his side-

The elder brother of the neighbor’s house, the uncle of the distant room, or the old man, the old man you know in the village, the other male relatives, and even the brother and classmate …

The heart is sinister and invincible.

Look at the case stories that are everywhere in reality. Today this drama can be said to be a science fiction film. Is it necessary to broadcast it ——


Passionate theater broadcast.

This drama is adapted from a very popular ancient romance novel on the Internet. It tells the story of the heroine’s classmate who has been secretly in love with his 7 -year -old brother since he was 13 years old.

Regarding how idiots and perverts are the original, please read the lines–

"Open your mouth, my brother teaches you to kiss."

"Child, my brother hurts you for a lifetime."

"Can you stretch your tongue? Yes."

"After doing a livestock, I don’t want to be a person."

Ah ah ah ah ah!Intersection

This is definitely not an obscene minor?

Just looking at the lines, the factory director has already made up a perverted story of an old man to seduce minor girls step by step.

There are many people who love to watch, and they are still making TV series?


Of course, in order to overcome the trial, this drama has been deleted to a certain degree of the original. It is forced to remove those lines that sound like perverted.

The difference between the male and female masters was changed to 5 years old.

In the original book, the old rogue actor became very positive in the TV series. It was not until the heroine until the heroine became love.

The atmosphere of the handsome man and beautiful woman diluted the naive ridiculous people of the novel.


The factory director still issued a soul three questions–

What is the significance of this drama?Who is the audience?What kind of values do you want to pass?

From the beginning, the script that is naive like elementary school students can basically be determined that the electronic mustard like the pure love party and the young children’s user group.

In the second day of the second day, the university classmate who met his brother who came to the house, so he fell in love at first sight and opened the road of a little girl’s secret love.

Brother helps me to open a parent meeting;

My brother takes me breakfast;

Brother gave me tutoring homework;

Brother takes me to the science and technology museum;

My brother hugs me to the infirmary;

My brother helped me teach me to bully my bad classmates.

My brother joked that my face was blushing.

Brother, brother ~

Giegie, GIEGIE ~

Good guy, remember the last time I saw so many brothers, or "Water Margin".

Every time the heroine shouted his brother with a very uncomfortable clip, ten toes had to be fractured.

This drama is still strange, and I will send the castle to the castle.

Not only is it set, but some plots are too low and young.

For example, there is a scene in the play. The heroine and the actor go to eat hot pot together. On the road, I found that I came to the menstrual skirt.

What a normal thing.

But in the play, it is a slow shot and an inner drama. Various rendering is like a normal adult who pulls his pants in public.

What time is it?

Writing in high school.

Normal people know. The most often written by high school students is the argumentation, and what they pay attention to is that the logic is smooth and the leopard head is the phoenix tail.

But what about the play?

It is written: "My Brother Like a Puppy", "Help Brother Move", "My Dream".


Screenwriter, screenwriter, just want to expose the fact that he has never been in school?

Moreover, the composition is written like this. The total score of the heroine can still take 698, and even ranks 12th in the class.

Screenwriter, I advise you not to be too outrageous.

There is also a plot.

After the male lead told the female lead about a tragic life and family situation, he was spoiled to the rich, who was spoiled to the rich, and immediately said that when he grew up, he would make money to help his brother pay off his debt.

I even quietly wrote into my dream list.


If a man says a few words of show, he can get the sympathy of a girl, and rush to dedicate his heart to help the man to pay off the debt.

I really want to vomit.

The most ridiculous thing is that the fans on the barrage are still harmonious. Every time the actor and the heroine of the minor heroine are one, they have all kinds of bangs–

The daughter -in -law has to raise it by himself;

Send your girlfriend home;

You have to spoil your daughter -in -law.

Including the pictures of the heroine’s strong kiss, a group of fans couldn’t get up.

Therefore, these unknown little girls, after watching the ambiguous bridges and shots attracted by men in the play by men, can they distinguish the sugar and clothing shells of childlike childhood?

I feel deeply worried about this.

In reality, there are enough examples of underage girls being violated by acquaintances.

Hell is frank, the devil is in the world.

No one can guarantee that in the process of growing up, all they encounter is good people.

I still remember that last year, the shocking news of the two -year -old girl’s buttocks was still vivid.

Mother -’s sexual assault?Unclean utensils?

Although the subsequent police involved, the result was no longer.

The Internet has no memory.

But we can’t.

Under such a social situation, a "Stealing" was broadcast, ten "Disappearing her", "Furnace", and "Su Yuan" equal to direct white dry.

Sentence, the real torture!

So this drama was reported, it was really not wrong.

Here, I want to say, stealing it, you will still hide it in the future, don’t mislead the audience.

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