Qingdao Yuping: What should I do if pregnant women have a cold during pregnancy?

Cold is a big trouble for pregnant women with baby.Because pregnant women have special constitution, many drugs cannot be taken during pregnancy.However, due to the natural decline in disease resistance, pregnant women are very likely to have a cold.So, what should I do if pregnant women have a cold during pregnancy?In this regard, Qingdao infertility expert Yu Ping said: Pregnant women have a light diet when they have a cold. They mainly use porridge soup and fresh warm fruits and vegetables to avoid eating greasy and cold foods.

1. What should pregnant women do if they have a cold?

After pregnant women have a cold, they must first pay special attention to rest and do not do heavy work. At the same time, pay attention to personal hygiene, and do not reach densely populated places, so as not to be transmitted to other germs.

In addition, if you have a mild cold as long as you drink more boiled water, it can usually be cured in about 7 days; if itchy throat occurs, you can use thick saline to rinse your mouth and throat once every 10 minutes, more than 10 times to see the effect; if there is a nasal congestion; if you have nasal congestion,When the symptoms such as runny nose, pour boiling water in the cup, place the mouth and nose into the mouth of the tea cup, and constantly inhale the hot steam. Use it a few times a day to facilitate ventilation.

2. What should pregnant women eat a cold?

Rock sugar Sydney: Wash the pear, make the water warm, pour into pear meat, pear skin and pear nucleus, add a small amount of rock sugar and cook slowly, and drink a small amount every day.

Radish soup: Wash and slice white radish, boil water, add some white sugar, drink a drink while it is hot, drink a glass after half an hour, diuretic and detox.

Ginger candy tea: several slices of ginger and green onions, add some brown sugar after boiling.

Drinking porridge: Generally, drinking hot porridge after a cold can promote gastrointestinal absorption, but also nourish the stomach to dispel greasy.

Honey lemonade: Drink some hot honey lemonade, and then use 1 egg in the bowl evenly, add a small amount of white sugar and ginger juice, and drink 2-3 times with half a glass of boiling water.

If the pregnant woman has a severe cold or even a high fever, the family should try to use physical methods to reduce fever; if the situation is still not optimistic, they should go to the hospital in time. When the doctor, the doctor must first inform the doctor to avoid the effect of the doctor’s medication on the fetus.


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