Questions and answers 丨 About wine, 9 questions you want to ask but dare not ask, answer it for you

In the world of wine, there is a lot of knowledge!Everyone is equal in front of knowledge, and ask if you don’t understand.However, there are always some embarrassing problems that make it difficult for us to speak …

Afraid … too simple to make a joke?

Afraid … the problem can’t be opened?

The following summarizes these questions about the wine. You want to ask but you ca n’t speak.

Can wine really improve the life of husband and wife?

real!This may be one of the most amazing and interesting facts about wine.Studies have shown that women who drink two glasses of wine a day enjoy more physical joy than women who do not drink wine.Uh … another reason for drinking wine!

What problems should I start to buy wine?

You know how to buy things to prevent being pitted. However, if we don’t understand the wine when you buy wine to buy wine?If you do n’t have a clear goal, first of all, you have to show your needs first, and then explain the taste you like, and finally let the wine merchants recommend it for you to help you discover more interesting wines.

What is natural wine?Why is it loved?

Society is becoming more and more developed, but people’s spirit is increasingly pursuing returning to nature and enjoying pure.I like to play in the quiet countryside and like to eat firewood farmers.And natural wine is a label of wine. Some people think that the so -called "natural" does not contain any chemical components during the brewing process, and at least the minimum artificial intervention.

Is it a deterioration of wine for wine?

The sediment is a natural product in the process of wine, which is safe and harmless.If you feel that the sediment affects the taste, you can soberize before drinking and filter the sediment.

Wine wine, the longer the older time, the better?

The longer the older wine, the better wine is the top wine with aging potential.Most wines are used for drinking at any time, and some can store for several years or even more than ten years, depending on the nature and storage conditions of wine.If you plan to hide wine, please listen to the suggestions of relevant professionals.Although the wine will not deteriorate like milk for a long time, the long -aged wine will lose life and vitality, which is greatly reduced in taste and flavor.

When choosing wine, what is a good year?

The year of the year, it has regional specificity and has no general good years.Some of them pay attention to quality winers who are proud of bottle. In different years, wine has different styles, nor can they judge the quality of quality.

To say the best year, what you like is the best.Some people like the hot year. The wine is more accurate and the fruit aroma is stronger. Some people prefer to be cool and humid.

How long can the wine after opening the bottle?

After opening the bottle, it is best to drink it in two days. If you can’t finish drinking, you can maintain up to one week by changing small bottles, sealing, ideal storage, etc.Because the wine after opening is more or less oxidized, which is a fatal damage for wine.

Why should you shake the cup when drinking wine?

No matter how to shake the cup, there is only one goal -let wine and oxygen be fully exposed.Whether it is red wine or white wine, the appropriate amount of oxygen is conducive to the scent of wine and fruit fragrance, softening tannins, making the taste softer and mellow.

Drinking wine in appropriate amount can help pregnancy?

Studies have found that drinking more than 5 cups of red wine per month can increase the number of female sinus follicles. At present, sinus follicle counting is a method for doctors to judge fertility.In the relationship between alcohol intake and the increase in the number of sinus follicles, the performance of red wine is 14 times superior to white wine, beer, and spirits.

What else do you have about wine?Welcome to leave a message to tell me …

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