Really, these two common methods of abortion are different in time limit

Abortion refers to the behavior of women’s pregnancy or some reasons for personal reasons. Usually, in the process of abortion, according to the different ways of pregnancy or abortion, the embryo can be effectively peeled and discharged in the body.It can achieve the effect of miscarriage.Something can cause obvious physical damage during abortion. Therefore, after abortion, a series of care and treatment must be passed to make the body comprehensively improve and prevent damage to the birth function.So, can abortion within a few months of pregnancy?

Abortion is not possible throughout pregnancy, so when the personal pregnancy is different, it must be seriously controlled whether it is an abortion or time.If you find that you are pregnant and do not want to continue your pregnancy, you must effectively consider it in multiple aspects in order to better choose the appropriate abortion method and complete the entire operation within a certain time.

Next, we will explain the relevant explanations based on the situation of abortion and time limit:

1. Flow: Usually when abortion, if you choose abortion surgery, the best time is to complete the entire operation within 70 days of pregnancy, and the longest period of time must not exceed 90 days.Because the embryo tissue must be removed through surgery during the abortion. If the fetus develops too large, the surgical operation will cause greater stimulation and damage to the endometrium and related tissues.Increasingly increases, it may even induce infertility, so abortion is completed within the appropriate time.

2. Drug flow: If the method of choosing a drug abortion, it is best to complete the entire operation within 45 days, and the longest time must not exceed 60 days.Because during the use of drug flow, after taking drugs and other drugs such as non -ketone tablets, after obtaining the frequency and intensity of the uterine shrinkage, the embryo can be discharged from the uterus and the embryo can be discharged.However, if the embryo is too large, it is prone to incomplete situations when excreted, which will cause the uterus and cause obvious damage inside the uterus, so it is necessary to flow early.

It can be seen from the above that if you want to abortion after pregnancy, you must do related restrictions on the specific pregnancy time according to the different ways of abortion.Under normal circumstances, pregnancy can be abandoned within 3 months, and when the number of days of personal pregnancy is different, it is also flexible for the actual choice of abortion.Therefore, if everyone has an unexpected pregnancy or does not want to continue pregnancy, it is necessary to make relevant determination from multiple details of the body.The method of choosing a reasonable abortion according to the different personal circumstances can finally terminate pregnancy and prevent other damage inside the uterus.

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