# Recommended wife is pregnant, husband …

His wife was pregnant and her husband derailed his girlfriend, making him regret for life.

My wife found my husband’s derailed girlfriend, and I watched you and my best friend holding it.In love, you are calling her name in my dreams, and I also say that I misunderstand.Ouch, I have never been a leader, this will be the captain of the middle.Tell your husband to the good news, husband and girlfriend love love.Happy birthday, her husband and girlfriend are difficult to distinguish.I hit it and gave it to my husband directly.Seeing the photos of her husband and girlfriend, you are a haha’s aunt.When is this photo, haha is great.When participating in the tug of war, did you still win the championship?Uncle Fang takes care of the child very intimately.Thank you, don’t move, hurry up, will you go to school tomorrow, goodbye to your uncle and aunt.I will send you and I send you, no need, it’s okay, I will send you.Call at home. On the day we did a pre -pregnancy examination, you were a father.You just say this, why do you want to give Haha to be a father?This is not a thing that can’t be seen. Haha, a child of a single -parent family, has no family warmth.The classmates have no dad. I do n’t have a dad. I ’m going to accompany you wherever you want to go.How beautiful, I will accompany you what you want to do.It turned out that colleagues knew it long ago, but they couldn’t be together but couldn’t be together.On the day of the rain, Mo Zi and Mi Weicu hugged together.Isn’t this a torment for the two of them?Where did I go at night? I was still covering up. I had to let me entertain with him, anyway, it was twelve o’clock anyway.I don’t need to say those four words, it’s just nice now.Birthday is not yours, who do you want to live with?This is your freedom. Shanshan runs out of Shanshan, and dreams are talking about the name of death.My daughter -in -law, not so scary in the middle of the night, is you scared me.Lying next to his wife in the middle of the night, what is he shy?Do you know one night, he called the name of another woman in his dream, and it was uncomfortable to me.Moch loves you so much, I am most afraid of deceiving and betrayal, especially my favorite two people.What do you mean?What do you say?Sister, don’t think about it, the child is innocent.Then I keep this child, I am irresponsible to him.Then this big position, you also discussed with Mochge, he is the best with me.It was completely angry. When friends were together, did he discuss with me?He called Miwei’s name at night, and I had to do it off the child.You say that Pei Pei is your girlfriend and your good friend, but you love your good friend’s husband. You play ambiguous with Fang Moch, not a day or two.Do you think this is very exciting?Daughter -in -law, come back and apologize to his wife.Come to the mother -in -law’s house, my parents Pei Pei, haven’t you been with you?No, she is not at home, no, will she kill the child?The next Pei Pei.

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