Record: I divorced 8 months of pregnancy, and the reason behind it was terrible!


At 5.40, after get off work, walk at the subway station for fifteen minutes, take five stations, then transfer to six stations on Line 6, and transfer to Line 1 to take four stations. After getting off the car, walk for 20 minutes after getting off the car When you go home, buy food in the vegetable market not far from the community.

After arriving home, I gave the vegetables to my grandma. When I returned to the room, I threw myself into the bed and buried my face in the quilt. I felt like I was scattered for four months.When I saw me go home, I was lying on the bed without cooking. Grandma was obviously unhappy.

She stirred the spatula in the pot in the kitchen, and the kitchen door was not closed.

At this time, the mobile phone Ling made a lot of money, and the grandma’s ears were a little back, and she couldn’t hear her. I sighed and went out to help her get her mobile phone.

I just picked up the phone and hung up. I was about to put it back. I saw that my grandmother was talking about WeChat with my husband Zhilang. Zhilang sent several photos. Most of the photos were a three or four -year -old boys.The group photo of the little boy and a woman looked very close. At first glance, it was a pair of mother and child.

The boy looks like her, and this woman is very familiar. I can’t remember who it is.

With a question, I turned the WeChat forward, there were a few of them, I opened it to listen.Grandma said, Zhilang, quickly show me the photos of my great -grandson.

Another one, grandma said, it looks like you, but unfortunately, you wouldn’t break up with Zeng Qian at that time.

Zeng Qian, isn’t this Zhilang’s ex -girlfriend?

Looking at the child’s facial features, the more he looks at the more and more, the more and more in the doubt in my heart.

Think of Zhilang’s abnormality after getting married, even more about money. I couldn’t help but worry about me. It must be that Zeng Qian and her child made Zhilang a significant change in my attitude towards me.


Zhilang and I introduced to my friends. For the first time, when I saw his height and handsome face of nearly 1.8 meters, I couldn’t help but blushed and my heart was like a deer.

I hesitated after learning that he was just a college graduation and did not have a fixed job.I have graduated from undergraduate, and I do n’t say that I have to find a graduate student. At least I have to find one.So I was relatively neglected to him.

He chased me tightly.At that time, I was under great pressure to work in the company. He asked me a lot of comfort every day.When he encountered windy and rainy days, he would take a few times to pick me up to get off work.

But I have never agreed to associate with him. Our turning point is during his grandmother’s illness.

One week he didn’t contact me. In his circle of friends, I learned that his grandmother was sick. He accompanied him throughout the hospital and carried his grandma every day for various examinations.

I grew up in a single -parent family. I lived with my mother since I was a child. My father’s family was more serious about men and women. After my parents divorced my grandparents, my grandparents never contacted me and had never seen me.

After I was in high school, my mother married a foreigner, and then left me.For so many years, I have been longing for the warmth of the big family.

Zhilang also grew up in a single -parent family. Similar family backgrounds made me feel like he was sympathetic to him, and Zhilang’s filial piety to his grandma even moved me even more. I think he is so filial, and the character must be fine.

On the day of Grandma Zhilang’s discharge, I took the initiative to accompany him to pick up grandma.

On that day, Zhilang and his grandmother were so happy that when he returned home, his sister made a table.

We sat around the table, and I felt like I was beckoning to me. As long as I nodded, I could get what I dreamed.

After eating that day, Zhilang took me to his room, turned on the computer to show me his previous photos, but accidentally saw the photos of his ex -girlfriend Zeng Qian.

He was nervous and was busy deleting.

I don’t need to respect the past.It’s just a photo, you can save it.

He was moved and held me a lot of sweet words, and he said he was lucky to meet me.


In the humble rental house, I forgot the initial standard of choosing a spouse, moved by his confession, and for the first time, we had a relationship.

There is a traditional woman in my bones. I feel that we have no different difference with the husband and wife after that layer of relationship, but we do n’t get a certificate for the time being.

At Zhilang’s request, I retreated the rental house near the company, moved to his house, and lived with his grandma and sister.

In the first few months, it was harmonious. Zhilang did some small businesses himself. He had sufficient time every day. He often waited for me at the subway station when you got off work.

Zhilang’s sister worked in a private company nearby. Soon after we were together, his sister made her boyfriend and moved to live with her boyfriend.

But they still come over for dinner every day.It’s okay a day and two days, and I can’t stand it several times a week.Because Zhilang likes to drink with his brother -in -law, he drinks very late every night. Zhilang and the usual usual sentence after drinking.He was swearing, and he would boast how he had money and how to throw a lot of money.

After he woke up, I asked him if he really lost a lot of money and loses tens of thousands.He said that he had to pay for business outside, and he couldn’t just care about making money.I asked him how much income he had every month, and he was not happy.Let me not ask his economy.

After a few months of living, I was pregnant and discussed my marriage.

My mother asked for the eighty -eighth gift, and he was very upset.I think my mother married when I was in high school, and I didn’t care about me at all. Now I heard that I got married and asked him to ask for money. Until my mother said that the gift would be the dowry for me, she would also send a stroke to give me a stroke.After the money was given to us as a small family, he didn’t say anything.

Soon after my mother gave me the gift and dowry, Zhilang excused the business of the business and took the money to take the money back.

His gifts, booed and warmly disappeared after I was pregnant.I still have to do housework every day when I get home, and I have not been with me once the most important birth inspection, and I have never got a penny for me.


I returned to the room after eating that night. I didn’t think about how to ask him yet. He asked me to ask for money and say that the business could not turn around last week, and let me give him 20,000 yuan for an emergency.

As soon as he mentioned the money, I was angry. After getting married, he asked me to ask me every three times.I returned the gift to him. I thought it would be peaceful, but he kept staring at the 100,000 yuan in my hand.Today I said that business should turn around, and to talk about customer relationship tomorrow.

"Don’t you need to turn on and fight the relationship before getting married, do you think of what you gave me after getting married? Did you pay a penny for several production inspections? During the day, I don’t eat gimmicks at home during the day.I bought vegetables and returned. Did you not eat before I got married? "I said angrily.

"Okay, Liu Wei, I didn’t expect you and Zeng Qian to have a face, you just fell into the eyes of the money.Live in the house I rent! You like the money, you can sell it, sell your money quickly! "Zhilang roared.

Looking at his movement’s lips, I really hope that I have heard it wrong.How could this handsome and handsome man, who used to treat me as my heart, cursed me in such a vicious words?

Tears flowed down.

I said, "Zeng Qian, the child is yours, your family has recognized the reunion, do you think I am too much? If you think I can get rid of the child, you can get rid of it now!"

I stared at Zhilang’s face, and his face passed a panic, and then left the sentence: "I’m sick!"

Then fell the door and did not return overnight.


When I was about to get off work the next day, Zhilang sent me a red envelope of 520 yuan. He said on WeChat that Zeng Qian’s child was not him. Because of her cheating at the time, she had two talents with his brother.

She said that grandma was the old man. Not long ago, he returned to his hometown to participate in the funeral of a relative. Zeng Qian was his native. They met at the funeral. When they came back to the grandmother, the grandmother asked him to ask him Zeng Qian.Zeng Qian WeChat gave a few more.

He said, isn’t the elderly all like that, love regrets, and says that if he did not break up children, he ran away.In the future, when you give birth to your child, your grandma will never remember the children of other people’s houses.

When I got off work that day, Zhilang came to the company to pick me up, and took a taxi to take me to eat outside.

He said that after having a child, he was under pressure and wanted to make more business, but the competition was fierce, so he ignored me a bit, please forgive me.

Looking at him with a serious nonsense, I really want to laugh. If I hadn’t seen Zeng Qian in the morning, I would almost believe in his ghost words!


That day I found a photo of Zeng Qian and her son on my grandmother’s mobile phone, and when I heard my grandmother calling him the great -grandson in WeChat, I became doubtful, and found the phone of Zeng Qian on my grandma’s mobile phone.

As soon as I mentioned Zeng Qian and her child that night, Zhilang walked angrily. If it wasn’t for guilty, why should he react so fiercely?

The doubt in my heart made me sleep overnight, and I opened the call of Zeng Qian early the next morning.The city said that the novel is not big. I asked for a long time for a long time. I took a car for more than an hour to work where Zeng Qian was working.

We met in a cafe. In Zhilang’s description, she is a woman who loves vanity, loves the poor, is greedy, does not inspect the behavior, has two boats, and splits during marriage.

When Zeng Qian, who came to appointment, stood in front of me, I saw a woman who faced the sky, and was completely incompatible with the false woman in Zhilang’s mouth.

"Say, what’s the matter with me?"

Seeing her so direct, I would not be around.I said, "I saw the photos of you and your son on Grandma Zhilang’s mobile phone. Grandma said it was her great -grandson. Is the child Zhilang?"

"Yes!" Her brief answer made me darkened in front of me.

"Ke Zhilang said that the child was not his! He said …" I was embarrassed to say the following.

"Did he say that the child is his good brother, right? Do you still ask me to do a parent -child signing? I can do it at any time, but what about doing it? I want to get the child’s support fee from Sun Zhilang.It is difficult, since you are his wife, you should be clearer than me. How long have you been known to Sun Zhilang? How much does you spend from you to get married?No?"

I was silently calculated in my heart. From knowing him to getting married for more than a year, he only sent me a few 520 yuan red envelopes during the New Year and the New Year, which added less than 5,000!I felt sweaty.

A woman would rather leave the child without the support fee. How desperate can I go to this step?


Zeng Qian told me that life. The previous part was exactly the same as my experience. Zhilang was enthusiastic, caring, and always understanding him before living with her.There was a 180 -degree turn to her, and abused.

She was very disappointed and ran away from home after a quarrel, because she had nowhere to go to Zhilang’s good brother to borrow it for one night.The brother was too clear about Zhilang’s character and persuaded her to break the child to break up.

After that night, Zeng Qian insisted on breaking up, but the child was not willing to kill. Zhilang knew that his brother had no persuasion and hated him. He simply framed that Zeng Qian was derailed and refused to admit that the child was him.

Zeng Qian said that although he was hard to bring his child, his life was calm. Unless he could not raise his child, he would do a parent -child signing and asked him to pay for the support.

I believe that what Zeng Qian said, her son’s facial features and appearance are basically iron evidence.

But watching Zhilang’s performance in front of me, I still chose not to disassemble.

I always wanted to have a warm home, and now I finally have to give up. Second, the child is big every day in the stomach. Where can I go?Do you bring children alone like Zeng Qian?I really don’t have that courage.

I want to gamble again.But I did not expect that the ending of the gambling was defeated.


After getting my forgiveness easily, Zhilang quickly returned to his life that was not home. He wandered outside the day, and he returned when he stepped on the table every night when he stepped on the table.Also bring his sister and brother -in -law.

Cooking has become a matter of me alone, and my stomach is getting more and more bulky, and I can’t wear my swollen slippers for a long time.

Sister Zhilang was also pregnant. After eating the rice daily, she went to lie on her grandma’s bed. I hinted that she could help me do some housework, and she couldn’t understand.

And also deliberately said that I was envious of my pregnancy reaction, and she vomited every day to die and persisted in work.

Zhilang said as soon as you heard that you will come and eat after get off work in the future, that is, there are two pairs of chopsticks.

I really ca n’t quit my job, and I ca n’t make a few money. I ’m not enough for me to give you.

I couldn’t help it when I heard it. I threw the chopsticks on the table. What a pair of chopsticks was not a pregnant woman? Are I not tired? I have to turn back a few buss every day. Your sisterIs the princess of the prince and the princess called Huazi?

Sister Zhilang listened and said, brother, it seems that the sister -in -law does not welcome me to come, and I will not come in the future!

After speaking, you will leave.

Zhilang suddenly stood up. Before I reacted his hand, he reached in front of me. As he slammed a few times, I was in front of my eyes, and then felt that my scalp was tight, and my body left the ground.When he came, he had pulled my hair and dragged me to the door.

His voice roared in my ear. I told you that there is only one sister. The woman can change it at any time. You will roll me immediately, how far is it!

He pushed me hard, and my remnant consciousness made me instinctively protect my stomach.

It wasn’t until the neighbors came out to stop him that he let go of my hair.

I sat on the floor with a buttocks, and my heart was very cold.


I met the red that day and called an ambulance to the hospital. The doctor said that the child had signs of premature birth and needed to be hospitalized.

I couldn’t sleep all night, and he slept like a dead pig in the accompanying bed.

I am desperate, I want to listen to the destiny of the sky, if the child really has no fate.

After staying in the hospital for two weeks, he never came to see me except the day he was admitted. He only sent grandma to the hospital to give me meals.I sent him the bill, he returned, you didn’t also have dowry. I was pressed in business. You can put it first and give you reimbursement after giving birth.

His sister can rely on him to support him, but I am pregnant with his child but have to pay for it by himself.

It turned out that his grandma and sister were a family, and I was always outsiders for him.

I remembered Zeng Qian, and I tasted all the bitterness she had tasted.And I was even worse, and my belly was about to be beaten.

Zeng Qian told me that Zhilang’s mother ran away with someone when she was young. Zhilang’s father hated her, so she said everywhere her bad things, saying that she was virtual and left her husband for money.In fact, it has always been that Zhi Lang’s father is delicious and lazy, and the mother of Zhilang will run away from home.

In his words, Zhilang and his sister were greatly affected. On the one hand, they were unwilling to work down -to -earth and always dreamed of getting rich overnight.

And his eyes are mediocre, and Zhilang is always hostile to women. He feels that the crow in the world is generally black. It is a means to please women before marriage.

One day passed, and my last hope for him was also shattered. During the hospitalization, I called to apply for resignation with the company.

On the day when I was discharged home, my grandmother went to the square to play, and there was no one at home.

I quickly packed my clothes.Turned to leave the "home" without nostalgia.

I was brisk on the taxi, and there was a sense of relief that I finally got rid of the nightmare.Smile and smiled, and couldn’t help making tears.I’m going to my mother. Unfortunately, I am about to become a single mother like my mother.

I also chose the same way of Zeng Qian, and escaped a complete scumbag with nearly eight months.

After the divorce, he was discussed from a long -term, but the determination of the divorce had taken root and germinated in his heart as long as he hit me.

I would rather be a single mother and never look back.

I hope that girls can learn from my lessons. Before marriage, we must know the other party more. Do not live blindly, do not blindly enter the marriage, especially the male native family is incomplete.Be sure to spend more time to understand each other’s character.

People like Sun Zhilang are unfortunately their native family and grow up into persons with defects. Once they meet such people, they must retreat to stop loss in time, and continue to stay in danger!

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