Record pregnancy ~ children’s things (NT thickening)

I am a mother, and I am currently nearly 7 months.Talk about the symptoms of pregnancy at that time. My aunt’s mother was only postponed for one day. My mother was installed in the family because of the custom at home (there was customs in my hometown, saying that someone was pregnant at home, so I couldn’t knock on the nail).It was then tested. This day was January 6, 2020.

The next day I couldn’t wait to go to the hospital for examination, because the month was small, the doctor asked me to take a blood to confirm whether I was pregnant, but it was determined that the palace was too early to wait for some time.Want to be so complicated.In this way, after a week, the doctor notified me to review. On the same day, I saw the pregnancy sac and said that I developed well, and then called me to pay more attention to rest and go home.After a few days, I suddenly got a little bit of blood when I got up in the morning, so I hurriedly went to the hospital with my husband. The doctor quickly opened a examination for me. As a result, there were good fetal hearts.As a result, I prescribed the medicine of rising progesterone. After taking the medicine for a few days, I didn’t bleed anymore, and I didn’t take it anymore.

After the New Year, it was time for the official pregnancy from February 25th to the first formal pregnancy. Because I did n’t have a B -ultrasound for a long time, I did n’t know how to develop. I did n’t know how it was developing.Being a B -ultrasound is an intern. She saw something wrong for a long time, and then called another doctor to see it.It’s right.Before the production inspection, I also learned what NT is. This is the first step to check the deformed children. The domestic standard is less than 2.5mm, and the international standard is less than 3mm.After the inspection was done, I read the report NT thickened 3.1mm. I took the report form to find a doctor. Let ’s talk about it. The end result is to be non -invasive.Because I couldn’t do amniotic fluid puncture at the time of 12 weeks. If you think about it, you will be a non -invasive first!In fact, I should be checked in a hospital, because I feel that the data is inaccurate. After all, I read this result for a long time when I checked it. I also checked the NT on the Internet.Simply, take a few blood tubes and send it to the test, and the result will be released after half a month.

Back at home, the mood is complicated and tasteless. The first baby has such a problem.Later, my husband comforted me and said that he was relaxing. What should you do, face it calmly, you think about it without any effect.In the first few days, the mobile phone searched a large number of NT thickened columns. The data showed that most of them were simple and thickened. It was no problem to be born later.Can’t come out.Half a month later, the mobile phone received a message from the afternoon, indicating that the inspection was low -risk.

So here is a suggestion of Bao Ma who has the same trouble. When NT is thickened, don’t panic, you can try another hospital, because at that time, we checked us for the maternal and child health hospital, not our local city people’s hospital.So to be honest, the credibility needs to be improved.If the hospital’s inspection is indeed thickened, according to the doctor’s advice, whether to consider doing non -invasive or amniotic fluid puncture. After all, NT thickening is really much good. Most of them are simple, and they will slowly absorb themselves later.Many people on the Internet say that NT thickening occurs on the boy, but it is indeed fulfilled on me. The boy born ~

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