Remember Lei Jiayin’s daughter Xiaobei?Only 1.7 -meter tall?

Hello, little oranges?

Do you remember Lei Jiayin’s daughter Xiaobei?

Everyone must be familiar with Lei Jiayin, but he doesn’t share much about private life, so the outside world is not familiar with his family.

He and his wife Zhai Yifei got married in 2010, and the two were college classmates.

In 2011, his wife shared photos of her pregnancy with fans on social platforms, and traveling with the "Little North" who was still in the stomach.

In 2012, her daughter Xiaoxiao was born.

At that time, he was filming the Golden Robbery.

In this movie, the role he plays is "Little Northeast".To commemorate this period, he named his daughter "Xiaobei".

This is also the rare "face photo" after Xiaobei was born.

The child was in his life, and Lei Jiayin first jumped out and said, "It’s over, the child is like me." (Indeed, the mother’s gene is good, but unfortunately haha)

You know, before the child was born, his desire to mind was "don’t look like me".

However, although he said so, he never forgot to mention a few words on the show, and people said that his daughter was like me.

In fact, I am very happy to be a father!

He also "voiced" his daughter on the show was a "vanity monster".

I often chat with others when I go to the mall, and ask everyone, "Do you know Lei Jiayin? He is my dad!"

When I encounter a neighbor, I also take the initiative to tell people: "Well, this is my family, my dad is Lei Jiayin."

Although her daughter wanted to be "high -profile", she had a "low -key" dad.

It is said that there was a program team who wanted to invite him to the show with his daughter before, and the price was naturally expensive, but he did not want his daughter to be exposed by privacy, and decisively refused.

Xiaobei has been protected very well for a long time. When he was young, he never took a positive photo. Only the couple would expose her daughter’s daily life in their account.

Mom often calls her daughter "North Sister".

It can also be seen from the trivial clip that the ancient girl described by Xiaobei and his father is very consistent.

When others do handmade, she will try to make a "spoof" model.

Have you started to "chase the stars" now?Not to mention, learning is really good.

She is also very interested in painting, and is very imaginative. She always draws in the sky. What is full of innocent thoughts in a map full of children.

It can be seen from the content shared that from a very young age, Xiao Bei has loved dance very much.

Mom also exposed a dance video of her daughter in 2019. Although she is a back -to -camera, she can already imagine her cool look ~

Our "Miss North" often appears in the mother’s dance video. The two are happy "dance" mother and daughter group.

This is the legend. Although it is a mother and daughter, in fact, it is better than the relationship between sisters. It is envious.

Although she is not old, girls always have a beautiful heart, perm, dirty braid, and she wants to try it.

Before this caused controversy, some netizens thought that children’s excessive dress would cause precocious precocity.However, it is clear that the couple’s attitude is very enlightened in this matter.

Because Lei Jiayin is usually busy filming, most of the time is more mother with Xiao Bei.

The mother and daughter often travel together, and they will also match parent -child outfits.

Meimei’s JK uniform, a trendy mother is really jealous.

Of course, dad will accompany it as much as possible ~

When the child grows up, parents always want to record, but in order to give her daughter a peace, in fact, the mother is almost all back.

Of course, when you can’t help but really want to take a photo, then put your face out.

In the Chinese New Year, Xiao Bei also went home with his parents to visit his grandmother. The three generations seemed to be so warm!

Recently, my mother took a new photo with her daughter again.Taking advantage of the rest time, the mother and daughter went to the exhibition together.

Xiao Bei, who is just ten years old this year, has already reached 170 cm!Like moms, they are long -legged beauties ~

The two stood very eye -catching together, and the fashion was full, and a bit of the magazine cover!

There is such a living treasure girl who is so beautiful, and inherits the good genes of her parents. Presumably, the couple of Lei Jiayin must also be very happy. They are proud of their daughters!

I hope that Xiaobei can grow up quickly. If you have the opportunity to enter the performing arts circle in the future, let everyone see Fang Rong and appreciate the beauty of my sister ~

Last two sentences

What do you think of Lei Jiayin’s protection of children?

Do you want to watch Orange which star?

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