Remember the children of Deng Chao and Sun Yan?A family of four share a face

Hello, little oranges!

What do you think of Deng Chao?

What is the first impression of Sun Yan?

So, let’s talk about their children today,

The eldest son and so on, the little daughter Xiaohua.

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On November 12, 2011, the first son of Sun Yan and Deng Chao was born, named Deng Hanzhi, Xiaoming and so on.

In an interview, Sun Yan explained that the pace of life is too fast. She hopes that the child can slow down and feel quiet, so he names "wait."

In February 2014, Sun Yan announced his second child. He produced a young daughter in Hong Kong on May 3, named Deng Hanyi.

The daughter’s nickname "Little Flower" was taken by the sister -in -law.

Let the boss have more sense of participation in the second child,

The second child family is harmonious.

In daily photos, my brother and sister’s feelings are also very good.

My brother hugs his sister to play the piano together, and the atmosphere is full,

The two even re -engraved a fixed love "Sweet Honey" of parents and dads,

The daily photos of a family of four,

The photo of Xiaohua sister and his brother who justborn, and waited for his brother.

It may be that the daily life of my brother and sister is too warm,

Netizens have hoped that this family will be imported again,

Therefore, the news of Sun Yan’s third child was also popular, from the beginning of the year to the end of the year.

The studio personally set up a rumor,

Sun Yan’s Weibo profile is also "1+1 = 4".

As Super Brother’s "Frear", and wait for Xiaohua to go to the end.

For bedtime story,

Wait: Don’t add so many exaggerated things.

Xiaohua: Story before bedtime?Play poker!

You can let go with your mother with nothing.

Funny and funny.

On the 21st, the news of "Sun Yan Belt and other small flowers to help stray animals" quietly appeared on the hot search,

Take your child to participate in the free sale activities, say that he is taught, and better cultivate children’s empathy.

(Praise for public welfare activities)

Although Deng Chao Sun Yan likes to share a family of four on the social platform,

However, they still take a few photos of their children’s positive faces, and most of the photos are back or side faces.

When I was young, some positive photos were exposed,

Xiaohua sister rarely exposed her face.

When Sun Yan took two children to see the NBA in 2018, he was photographed by the directors of the two children of the king of rock.

Waiting for the appearance of Xiaohua really exposed.

On July 11, 19, Deng Chao’s new film "Galaxy Tutoring Class" held a premiere, a family of four went to the red carpet,

Waiting for the official appearance with Xiaohua, it completely satisfied the curiosity of the audience.

A black suit, etc., comb the hair into an adult,

The round little flower sister’s face was serious, but it was difficult to hide the essence of her stubborn attitude.

In June this year, after the latest photos of Xiaohua were sent,

I have to make people sigh the power of genes,

God looks like parents.

Some netizens said that their family perfectly confirmed the law of her daughter like a dad and a son like a mother.

It is said that the mother -in -law and the super brother are growing, the more like,

Now it can be said that the family of four is longer, the more similar,

It is the degree of copying and sticking to share a face!

The last sentence:

Do you also know the second generation of the Star II of the Parents’s beauty?

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