Remind women: If 5 symptoms appear in the body, indicate that the progesterone inside the body is insufficient, you need to seek medical treatment in time

"Progesterone" must be familiar with women, especially women who have had a history of pregnancy. If the fetus has symptoms of threatened abortion, doctors will recommend women to use lutenone to protect their fetus.

In fact, this so -called progesterone is one of the main progesterone secreted by the ovaries and has biological activity, and estrogen hormone includes progesterone.

The main role of progesterone in women is actually protecting the endometrium of women.After women’s successful pregnancy, it provides sufficient support and guarantee for the early growth and development of the fetus, and can play a certain calm role in the uterus.

In constant, the relationship between luteum and estrogen is inseparable, and both are relatively important female hormones.Estrogen prompts female second sexual characteristics to mature, while luteal hormones are further promoted to the development of secondary characteristics on the basis of estrogen. The two have synergistic effects and are indispensable.

So the question comes. If a woman lacks progesterone, what symptoms will there be?

1. Fertility influence

Machining is mainly on the endometrium of the uterine. It can cause changes in the secretion period of the uterus, which is very necessary for fertilized eggs and maintaining pregnancy.

In my country clinically, many infertile women have found insufficient luteal secretion when they conduct endometrial biopsy, which is not conducive to fertilized eggs to develop in bed.Even if the fertilized egg is bed, there will be abortion and fetal stop due to insufficient progesterone.

According to relevant statistics, nearly 3 to 4%of women cannot have children, which are caused by lack of progesterone (incomplete luteal function);

2. Menstrual disorders

The thickening of the endometrium and cyclical falling off are actually affected by ovarian ovulation and secretion of hormones.Its thickening is to prepare for the fertilized eggs in bed without waiting for the endometrium of the fertilized egg. As the hormone level decreases, it will fall off the mixed blood to discharge the body.

If the estrogen secretion in women’s body is small, the uterine wall will not be easily thickened.And if the progesterone content in women’s body is less, the uterine wall will not decrease, and it is prone to problems such as menstrual disorders, delay, and less menstrual blood;

3. Poor skin condition

The impact of estrogen hormones on women is not only as simple as the reproductive system. In the case of strong hormone secretion, the speed of female skin aging will also become slower.

On the contrary, if there is insufficient luteal secretion, it will cause endocrine disorders, and the skin is prone to relaxation, dark yellow, no gloss, acne, and stains;

4. Emotional changes

Everyone knows that after the menopause, most of the personality and emotions have changed, such as becoming irritable and angry, sad, and so on.The reason for this is precisely because of the gradual aging of the ovaries and hormone secretion disorders.

If the luteum secretion in women’s body is insufficient, the mental state will change.If it is a menopausal woman, the mental state has changed seriously, and it can also be relieved by supplementing progesterone;

5, osteoporosis

This is a common systemic metabolic bone disease. The most typical feature is that the unit volume is reduced and the bone structure changes are reduced.Related studies have pointed out that if female female progesterone secretion in women is reduced, the speed of bone loss in the body will be accelerated, which is why women in menopause are prone to bone transmission.

All in all, progesterone is one of the necessary hormones in women, and it is of great significance to women’s reproductive systems and physical health.

Therefore, women should pay attention to physical abnormalities. If there are several problems in the near future, they should find themselves, especially when habitual abortion, should be detected by luteal ketone for medical treatment. After determining that there is insufficient luteus secretion, they should also cooperate with the doctor to actively treat the doctor for treatment.Essence

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