Remind women: These 5 factors not only easily affect pregnancy, but even lead to infertility. They need to be vigilant!

Everyone knows that if you want to get pregnant smoothly, the quality of essence must be good enough to combine smoothly, and then give birth to a healthy and lovely baby.

Therefore, for couples with preparing pregnancy, we must ensure the quality of "small tadpoles" and eggs. However, as the rhythm of life accelerates, some people have unknowingly doing things that affect pregnancy. For example, what I mentioned below is mentioned belowFive, I hope female friends can pay great attention.

1. The same room during menstrual period

Some young girls do not pay much attention to protecting themselves. They always feel that doing something dangerous when they are young will not have much impact on the body. I do n’t know.Live husband and wife life.

Because the cervix of women in menstrual periods is open, and if it is in the same room at this time, especially without cleaning measures in private parts, pathogens will easily invade, thereby increasing the risk of endometritis.

In addition, clinical survey data show that once the quilt endometritis entanglement, even if the "small tadpole" successfully enters the uterine cavity, the bacteria will reduce its vitality and even directly kill the "small tadpoles", thereby reducing fertility.

2. Only vegetarian food

In order to keep their bodies, some women eat only vegetables and fruits on weekdays, and they rarely or do not eat meat food at all. On the surface, it helps to control fat accumulation, but over time, it will cause serious damage to the body, including difficulty in pregnancy.

The main reason is that the physiological operation of the human body requires the support of various nutrients, but if only vegetarian food is eaten, it will lack some kind of nutrients. It will easily disturb the endocrine in the long run, which makes the hormone level abnormal, especially estrogen.With less, it is easy to reduce fertility.

3. Dress too thin

As the saying goes, people who love beauty are available. Although wearing beautiful clothes can help enhance charm, if the temperature is not added in time after the temperature decreases, it is easy to bring hidden health risks to the body.

Because women’s own physical fitness is yin, if there is no measures to keep warm, dysmenorrhea is prone to occur. In addition, there is almost no subcutaneous tissue in the navel part, so wind and cold will invade the body and damage the uterus.

4. Excessive pressure

When it is in an environment with excessive pressure for a long time, it will also disrupt the operation of the endocrine system. At the same time, it will also inhibit the function of the ovarian, which will cause ovulation disorders. When the eggs cannot be discharged normally, it is combined with the "small tadpoles".Probability will naturally decline.

Therefore, if you want to get pregnant in a short time, you must maintain a good mood.

5. Multiple abortion

Over the years, people’s thoughts have become more and more open. Some young boys and girls do not know how to take contraception measures. From this, they will choose to do artificial abortion after accidents.

If the hospital selected is not formal, it is easy to hurt the uterus during the operation, and even cause serious consequences such as fallopian tubeitis, amenorrhea, and uterine cavity adhesion. The possibility of pregnancy will be reduced.

All in all, there are many factors that cause women to be unable to get pregnant or infertility. For example, 5 mentioned above, I hope that female friends can be vigilant and avoid.

In addition, if you have not succeeded in conceiving your child for one year, you need to go to the hospital for detailed examination as soon as possible, so as to accurately find the cause and solve the problem as soon as possible.

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