Repeated feet?The athlete is nothing more than these reasons.

As soon as the athletes reach the summer, the weather will be more serious. It is the trouble of many friends of athletes, or itching between the toes is indeed an annoying thing. So what causes the feet to cause itching?

First, what causes your feet to cause?

1. Strata is too thick

Some people do not understand why too thick stratum corneum can also cause foot athletes. That is because there is no nutrients in the too thick old stratum corneum. After being soaked by sweat, there is no function to inhibit mold.Cause to foot.

2. Foot air causes

Some people often exercise, so the sweat glands in the feet are relatively strong. However, the breathability of shoes and socks is not good. Therefore, the breeding of bacteria, fungi, or mold causes toes, and it feels itchy.

3. Sweep

Sweat herpes has a tendency to heal self -healing. The onset is seasonal. Generally, the intercourse of spring and summer is on the disease. There are very few autumn and winter. There are almost no. The main symptoms are blisters. The blisters are dried and peeling.There are many causes of this disease, mainly because the sweat tube is blocked, and the sweating is not smooth. Sweat herpes is a type of eczema, but unlike eczema. Many doctors say that sweat herpes is eczema, but there is no mistake at all, but the treatment method is not at all, but the method of treatment is not wrong, but the method of treatment is not wrong, but the method of treatment is not wrong, but the treatment method is not at all, but the method of treatment is not wrong, but the method of treatment is not wrong, but the method of treatment is not wrong, but the method of treatment is not wrong, but the treatment method is not at all, but the treatment method is not at all.There are great differences. The treatment of sweat herpes is not difficult. It is best to treat traditional Chinese medicine products. Use safe and rest assured.

Third, itchy feet are repeated. Is there a good solution?

1. Change shoes and socks, wash your feet frequently

The humid and closed environment of the shoes is a hotbed to promote fungal reproduction. After the production of fungi, the keratin of the skin will be reproduced in large quantities, and continuously spreads and transmitted.

In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to removing the stratum corneum of the sole skin, because the keratin in the stratum corneum is a rich nutrients of fungus.To remove the keratin, you can soak your feet with warm water. After soaking, scrape the dead skin with a grinding stone or knife.

2. Keep your skin dry and dry, change your shoes and socks, put the shoes as much as possible, and expose the socks as much as possible in the sun.

Many mothers will have different degrees of edema in the later stages of pregnancy, which will cause the feet to sweat and feet to become fat.Keep dry, ask your family to help, dry it in time. For the itching of the unknown reasons, you should be alert to the occurrence of athletes to prevent early prevention and early treatment.

3. Persist in medication

Tinea -footed is a chronic infection with skin diseases that require long -term medication to completely remove.Therefore, after the symptoms of ringworm are relieved, medication still needs to be used.

Generally, the metabolic cycle of the skin is about 28 days, and the medication time must be persisted above the four weeks.

It is best to go to the hospital for fungal examination and culture. If it is negative for three consecutive weeks, it will be cured.

Fourth, the feet are itchy and repeated, be careful that diabetes came to the door

When the blood glucose level in patients with type 2 diabetes has not been controlled, it can also cause itching symptoms of legs and feet.This is because the kidneys produce a large amount of urine to discharge sugar, which will cause the body to lack water, dry the skin, and cause itching.But unfortunately, many people ignored this.

Diabetes is a lifelong metabolic disease, and it will be accompanied by lifelong.Therefore, in daily life, try to pay attention to these small signals as much as possible, and find out early to better control the condition.The onset of diabetes is related to factors such as genetic factors, hypertension, pregnancy, and multi -ovarian syndrome. If you belong to one of these people, pay more attention.

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