Rumor: Do you have to sleep more when you are pregnant?Nutritionist: Be careful of insomnia at night, 2 methods to relieve

Since I was pregnant, I always felt that sleep was not good at night.Even if a person used to be, but now I have a baby, and I have a poor sleep, what can I do if I affect the development of the fetus?Thinking of this, Xiaoyi couldn’t help but be afraid.

What should I do if I do n’t sleep well at night during pregnancy?Is there any good way to relieve it?So today, Teacher Yuanyuan will tell you 2 simple ways.

During our pregnancy, we can actually adjust sleep by diet:

1 Edible food

1) Milk+honey

We can drink some milk before going to bed at night, and we can add some honey inside, which is more conducive to sleep.

Remember, it is best to drink 2 hours before going to bed.

2) High -protein food

In addition to milk, you can also eat more high -protein foods, such as eggs, etc., you can also eat a little high -protein snack before going to bed, which can increase blood sugar, which can also prevent dreams.

We can also eat some snacks in moderation to prevent the headache waking up the next day.

2 Edible food

When we are pregnant, some foods should be eaten as little as possible.

1) Fried food

For example, do not eat fried or digestible foods before going to bed, and do not drink tea, coffee and other drinks.

2) Drink water at night

Drink water, remember during the day, especially in the morning, drink less in the afternoon and evening.

3) Sperm starch

In addition, we should eat less fine starch foods, such as white bread, all kinds of baked and so on.

The above is to relieve sleep during pregnancy through the diet method, so you may have to ask, is there any way to alleviate sleep problems during pregnancy?

Okay, we will say that the second way to alleviate sleep, that is, changing the daily lifestyle method.

1 sleep less during the day

Some pregnant women feel very tired, and people don’t want to move, so many pregnant mothers sleep at home during the day.

But don’t sleep too much during the day, because this is likely to cause insomnia at night.

We can add some other things to relax.

2 Relax

Relaxing the mood is the second method. Not only is it happy, but it can also play a very good role in the development of the fetus.

For example, we can read books, read newspapers, listen to music, take a hot bath before going to bed.

If you can’t sleep at night, don’t be too anxious. Similarly, we can also read books, listen to soothing music, and make ourselves calm and sleep quietly.

3 Rub your feet before going to bed

In addition, we can rub our feet before going to bed, so as to relieve sleep.

Because we usually have a small amount of activity during pregnancy, this will cause poor sleep, but rubbing feet can stimulate the nerves of the feet, which can improve sleep quality.

4 pillow height

We can appropriately increase the height of the pillow of pregnant women, which can also improve sleep.

Because when we increase the height of the pillow, we can let the pillows support the back and abdomen. We can also put a pillow between our legs, so that we can also bear the sinking back, which can also help sleep.

5 Inspealless to exercise

Finally, when we are pregnant, do not exercise 3 to 4 hours before going to bed, because the movement will excite people and not easy to fall asleep.

Do you have any suggestions and methods for sleep during pregnancy?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area, let’s discuss together.

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Author: Health Manager Yuan Crystal (a food) has 7 years of pharmacist at the Shanghai Three Hospital, and is now a senior health manager.

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