Rumor: It is easy to give birth to a boy with severe pregnancy?Whether it will vomit is mainly affected in this regard

The neighbor’s aunt Wang always smiled these days. Her mother -in -law asked her if she had a big event. Aunt Wang couldn’t speak with a smile: "The daughter -in -law is pregnant again, and this time the pregnancy vomiting is very powerful.When the boss, the pregnancy vomiting will not be so severe. I estimate that this child should be a boy. "

A very normal situation during pregnancy is very normal, but each pregnant woman has different pregnancy vomiting. Some only respond slightly, but some vomit and can eat anything.Many elders believe that if the vomiting is more serious during pregnancy, then the possibility of having a boy is very high.For this kind of statement, the born Bao Ma has something to say.

Bao Ma: Not allowed. When I was pregnant with the boss, I didn’t vomit at all. I love to eat meat. The boy, the second child vomited to doubt life, or the boy.

Bao Ma: When she is pregnant, she is super relaxed. She works for more than 9 months. She often rides electric work at 8 months ago. She has never spit it!But the hair was almost gone.

Bao Ma: A daughter and a son. There is no morning vomiting from beginning to end.Eat something before going to bed at night, otherwise you can wake up in the middle of the night.When I was 6 months pregnant, my leg cramps and hemorrhoids were long for 7 months. As soon as the baby was born, everything was fine.

Bao Ma: Fake, varies from person to person.The daughter I gave birth to vomited for 6 months. Although I did n’t vomit, I was very sad every day, and I was fine after giving birth.

Bao Ma: I have a great response when I am pregnant, vomiting, and I can only eat it in 4 months. Even the doctor said that it was a boy. As a result, it was a girl.

After everyone is pregnant, whether it is the first child or the second child, the sex of the fetus in the belly is very curious, especially the elders always guess the gender of the fetus in the belly according to some reactions of the pregnant woman.Without it, you can say that the elders still like more boys. If the second child is a boy, the child’s parents will not be very happy, but the grandparents are really happy.

If the boss is a girl, although the grandparents will also love the same, they still hope that they can be able to have another boy and make the word "good" more perfect.

During pregnancy, we will hear a lot of statement about the sex of the fetus. For example, if you always want to eat acid after pregnancy, or the pregnant woman becomes older than before, or the pregnancy line in the middle of the pregnant womanIt may be boys.

If the pregnant woman is not stingy after pregnancy, it will become more beautiful and pregnant, and like spicy foods, infertility or vomiting, it is likely to have girls.

Regarding some of the fetus, no matter whether you are pregnant or not, we can usually hear it, but these are no scientific basis.

Some pregnant women are puzzled, they are pregnant, and sometimes they are tortured by pregnancy and can’t wait to get pregnant.Either pregnancy is not obvious, why?

Pregnancy is not seriously related to the conditions of the pregnant woman, but it is not easy to get pregnant. My elder sister has always been good and usually likes exercise.It is mainly to look at the physical sensitivity and sensitivity of pregnant women. The most important point is that the development of the fetus determines the severity of the pregnancy.

Pregnancy vomiting is a very hard thing, especially if you want to ease the situation of pregnancy, you need to be pregnant for 3 months to ease. During this time, pregnant women are really tortured, but they can be tortured.As long as the fetus is good, they will persist.

When pregnancy is pregnant, the pregnant mother’s diet should be lighter, and you must not eat too much every time you eat. It is best to eat less meals. During pregnancy, choose what you like to do to divert your attention during pregnancyThen I won’t always think about it.

If the pregnant woman can not eat a little bit in the first three months of pregnancy, the pregnancy vomiting is too serious, and the weight loss will be alleviated. When they are weak, and the mental state is not good, they must seek medical treatment in time, otherwise the fetus will be in danger.

Do you vomit seriously after pregnancy?Baby is a boy and girl?Share together.

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