Rumor: The same room will be infected during the menstrual period, must you abstain from?The doctor teaches you what to do

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In this way, there are many girls and guys who believe these questions.There are divergent answers to this question, and different people have different attitudes.

So can the menstrual period be popped?

Some couples continue to have sex during menstruation, regardless of fear, and others are completely abstaining.The reason for abstinence is because of religious taboos, and some people think that blood is dirty, and some people are worried about infection.

Traditional concepts believe that some obstetrics and gynecology textbooks believe that menstrual periods should be prohibited, but in fact, there is no exact evidence that menstrual life will not significantly harm the body of both men and women.According to the investigation and research, more than 70 % of the couple have experience of menstrual life, and about 10 % of the couples are strictly abstinence during menstruation.

For some women, menstrual life is some benefits: the contraction or evacuation of the uterus in the orgasm in the orgasm, which relieves dysmenorrhea to a certain extent.There is menstrual blood as a lubricant to reduce the probability of drying.Some women have strong menstrual desires, vagina are more sensitive, and sexual satisfaction is higher.

Among couples who are strict with abstinence, more than half of people believe that menstrual life will "lead to a gynecological disease" or "increase infection", and many obstetrics and gynecologists think so.

Women in menstrual periods have a large area of endometrium transformation and falling off, many small blood vessels are ruptured, and the permeability of capillaries increase significantly. At this timeThe probability of intrusion rises, in theory, the chances of women in infection and inflammation in women will also increase.

However, the actual situation is like this. After menstrual life, more than five percent people said that "nothing happened", more than 20%of women develop gynecological symptoms such as vaginal inflammation, pelvic inflammation, and 6%of men with red dots and prostate glans and prostate glans, prostate prostate, prostateInflammation and other issues, although these problems appear after menstrual sexual life, they cannot be considered caused by menstrual sexual life, and most of them are caused by sexual life and hygiene.There will also be these problems.

There are also some views that menstrual life may cause endometriosis, but this is a hypothesis and has not been confirmed.In fact, the precise cause of endometriosis has not fully figured out until now, all hypothesis, that is, guessing.

Some women suffering from endometriosis usually have sexual intercourse pain and severe dysmenorrhea, and menstrual life will increase discomfort.

With preliminary tension syndrome, these women mostly have physical discomfort such as abdominal pain, dizziness, insomnia, and emotional irritability in the other day. During the period of their aunts, they were even more upset.

In the above cases, avoid popping during menstruation, so as not to aggravate discomfort and cause dislikes to sexual life.

In addition to women’s attitudes, men also have different ideas about menstrual sex.

Some men are unwilling to see menstrual blood, so they do not like to live in menstrual sex. Some men always feel that menstrual blood is something discharged from the body, it feels unclean, and some people think it doesn’t matter.

All in all, menstrual sexual life is not taboo, but it must not be encouraged to perform sexual life during menstruation. Whether it is necessary to "fight blood" depends on the attitudes, physical conditions, religious beliefs, and psychological acceptance of both men and women.

Strictly abide by the principles of hygiene in sex, pay attention to cleaning before and after, it is recommended to strictly use condoms to reduce the probability of infection.

If the two sides lack good sexual hygiene habits and are unwilling to contracence, let alone the menstrual period, and the usual sex life is also very dangerous!

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