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Lands are a healthy mirror of women’s private parts and one of the early warning signals.The change of leucorrhea is often closely related to gynecological diseases.But many women may have raised such questions: How can leucorrhea be considered normal?Does the leucorrhea suddenly become abnormal?Is it gynecological disease?

Understand leucorrhea, learn to observe the state of leucorrhea daily, and analyze from the aspects of the amount, quality, color, and taste of leucorrhea. When warning in the body, it will be found in time when the body is warned, and treatment as soon as possible will help curb the continuous deterioration of gynecological diseases.

Although the leucorrhea exists in women’s body, there are always people who do not understand what the white belt is.

The leucorrhea exists in the vagina of women. It is a liquid made of mucus secreted by the secretion function in the female reproductive organs. Its formation is related to estrogen.The main components of leucorrhea include::

1. Smooth secretion of the cervical mouth and cervical glandular body

2. The mucus leaked from the endometrium and vaginal mucosa

3. Epidermal cells that fall off with cervix and vagina

4. A small amount of white blood cells

5. Metabolic products in the inherent flora in the vagina.

Is leucorrhea necessary for women?Of course!Lands are beneficial to women in themselves, and they give full play to their role in daily life.There are several aspects:

1. vaginal lubricant

The leucorrhea forms a moist environment, which can reduce the friction of the front and rear walls of the vagina and protect the vaginal wall from being damaged.Some women often rinse the vagina, resulting in little inner vaginal leucorrhea, which will damage the vaginal mucosa.At the same time, in this humid environment, the vaginal mucosa will be more flexible and can increase the quality of the same room;

2. Natural protection barrier: The vaginal flora balance formed by leucorrhea can resist the invasion of foreign pathogens;

3. Auxiliary conception: The amount of leucorrhea during ovulation is the most, and white bands help the combination of sperm and eggs.

4. As a health indicator: Protochor is usually an important testimony for diagnosis of reproductive tract diseases as doctors, that is, the reason why leucorrhea is often inspected for leucorrhea routine.

Leucorrhea is divided into physiological leucorrhea and pathological leucorrhea.Let’s distinguish one by one!

Under normal circumstances, the leucorrhea is not simply small, white, and paste, but it is actually affected by various factors.Such as the menstrual cycle, living habits and age, the state of leucorrhea is slightly different, but they are in normal categories.

1. Menstruation cycle

When ovulation is about to ovulate in the middle period of menstruation, due to the vigorous secretion of cervical glands, leucorrhea is increased, transparent, slightly sticky, and egg whites.Sometimes there are brushed.

After 2 to 3 days of ovulation, due to the rise of progesterone, the leucorrhea becomes turbid, thick and sticky, without any odor.

Before and after menstruation, due to the congestion of the pelvic cavity, the vaginal mucosa exudate increased, and leucorrhea often increased.

Therefore, the state of the leucorrhea in the menstrual cycle has been changing and different, but it is normal!

2. Living habits

The state of leucorrhea will also be impressed by factors such as diet, environment, personal hygiene and living habits.If the amount of water is insufficient, the leucorrhea may be yellow; if you eat spicy and seafood continuously, leucorrhea changes will occur, and it will recover in a few days.These leucorrhea changes are normal physiological phenomena, so there is no need to worry too much.

3. Age stage

At different age stages, women have different traits of leucorrhea.During pregnancy: Although menopause is temporarily discontinued, due to the role of estrogen in women and rich blood supply, the secretion and exudation of cervix and vaginal walls will increase, and leucorrhea will naturally increase;In contact, there will also be an increase in leucorrhea; after menopause: Due to the decline of ovarian function and the decline in hormone levels, the corresponding organs atrophy and degeneration, leucorrhea secretion will decrease or even disappear.

For pathological leucorrhea, we are also called abnormal leucorrhea, manifested as reproductive tract inflammation such as vaginitis and acute cervicitis or cancerous transformation, the amount of leucorrhea is significantly increased and the trait changes.Generally, we analyze through the quantity, quality, color, and taste of leucorrhea, and the symptoms characteristics of different vaginitis are listed:

1. Mold vaginitis: cheese -like leucorrhea or tofu dregs -like leucorrhea

2. Trichomonas vaginitis: thin purulent, yellow -green, foam -shaped, with odor leucorrhea

3. Bacterial vaginal disease: gray -white, thin, fishy smell of leucorrhea

If you find that the leucorrhea has a different color odor, be careful!There are many reasons for leucorrhea abnormalities. In order to prevent the disease from further aggravating. If the leucorrhea is abnormal, he will go to the gynecology department of a regular hospital as soon as possible to receive diagnosis and treatment.

Do not listen to advertising rumors on the Internet. Speak for medical treatment, this may delay treatment, and the consequences are more serious!

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