Sang Lan, a 17 -year -old gymnastics champion, fell into high paraplegia on the field, and was happy to have children after pregnancy.

This year is 1998, and it has passed for 24 years.In the past 24 years, Sanglan’s life has undergone tremendous changes.All this starts from the summer of 1998.

In the summer evening of 1988, in the setting sun, the New York Long Island Gymnastics Museum was lively.Numerous audiences are gathered in the venue. They are watching athletes from all over the world for gymnastics warm -up training.

Soon, a athlete named Sang Lan attracted the attention of most audiences.

In just a few seconds, Sang Lan completed the four actions of running, jumping, empty, and landing, which surprised the audience in the audience.Of course, this is also the result of Sang Lan’s day training.

However, when Sang Lan completed the third action, the "accident" happened.

Sang Lan, who had to land on the ground with his feet, hit the cushion directly on his neck.In a moment, her 6th and 7th cervical spine had a crushing fracture, and the central nervous nerves were severely damaged …

This means that Sang Lan is facing a high -paraplegia ending, and has since seized his sports career.

13 years later, in 2011, Sang Lan filed a prosecution to relevant personnel of the organizing committee, a total of 5 institutions and 3 individuals, and claimed to these people $ 1.8 billion.What is even more incredible is that in Sanglan, there are "benefactors" who take care of her 10 months after her injury -Liu Guosheng and Xie Xiaohong.

So why did Sang Lan sue Liu and Xie?What did she go through at high paraplegia?How about her now?

Time will return to the year when Sanglan happened.

Let’s talk about why Sanglan is trained at the Long Island Gymnastics Museum in New York.

In 1991, Sang Lan stood out at a sports meeting held in Zhejiang. She almost contracted the championship of all the gymnastics projects. The young girl was undoubtedly the focus of everyone’s attention.

After this game, Sanlan successfully joined the national team.

Sang Lan really lived up to expectations, and the national team was also a leader. Two years later, Sang Lan came to the United States to participate in the United States.Even in the United States, Sanglan’s performance was still not lost to anyone, and even Western countries led by the United States were surprised by the ability of this little girl from China.

Later, Sanglan won many awards, which also sat in her position in the gymnastics project.

In 1998, Sang Lan was going to participate in the National Friendly Games held in New York, USA.When I heard that Sanglan participated, many people thought that Sanglan was the most likely to win the championship.However, after this "accident", Sang Lan also fell down the "altar". She was no longer the gymnast member who shined on the sports field, and turned into a high -paraplegia disabled.

At that time, Sang Lan’s attending physician in the United States meant to say to her: "Sang Lan, God just took away your ability to walk, but you can still have children."

This is the first sentence when Sang Lan woke up when he woke up after 7 hours of surgery. This sentence also deeply painted Sang Lan’s heart.

However, as a professional athlete, Sang Lan still asked subconsciously: "When can I practice?"

This sentence makes many people move and distress.


Once Sanglan’s unexpected news came out, the New York Times quickly captured the hotspot of this news, and said that the friendly sports meeting was "damn friendly sports meeting."For a while, the Sanglan incident became a hot topic in the United States, and domestic reports on this incident have also emerged endlessly.

CNN, who is responsible for running a friendly sports meeting, sent people to Sanglan all day to take care of Sanglan’s diet. ABC reporters often interview Sanlan and take Sanlan to Disney to play.

At that time, the US President Clinton also sent a letter of condolences to Sang Lan. The famous American movie star Leonardo also left his contact information to Sang Lan.Give it to Sanglan.

However, even if it is full of preferential treatment, it still cannot change the fact that Sang Lan was paraplegia and bid farewell to his sports career.

Just when everyone was taken for granted that this was a "accident", 13 years later, Sang Lan put forward different claims, and even the relevant personnel including Liu Guosheng and Xie Xiaohong, including Liu Guosheng and Xie Xiaohong, complained.Go to court.

So, what is the truth of the incident?What did she go through?

In 2011, Sang Lan once again mentioned his unbearable past, showing a different attitude.

Under the description of Sanglan, the truth of the incident is:

Before the official competition, the contestants made a trial jump in turn. After the female athlete from Romania in front of Sanlan, she was also ready to play.

However, just after Sanglan started and accelerated, she suddenly saw the coach Belu’s cushion on the ground. The action of coach Belu scattered Sang Lan’s attention, which caused a fire to her in her mind. In the end, she finally.Still messing up, leading to the ground first.

Sanglan jump horse

Then Sang Lan released a video of Belu on Weibo on Weibo in 1994.

The reason why Belu’s interview was released because Sanlan believed that Belu was the one who witnessed his injuries. He hoped that he was honest and could give an objective description of the situation at the time.

If Sang Lan is determined that the accident is disturbed by other things, the accident committee will assume all responsibilities for the incident.

In fact, for a long time after the injury, Sanglan’s guardian in the United States had asked the organizing committee to provide them with the video of the time in order to investigate the ins and outs of the matter.

However, the organizing committee said that there was no video when warm -up.

Sang Lan himself was doubtful about the organizing committee, because she saw a mobile camera next to her at the time that she always followed her.There is no proof of video information, no matter how Sang Lan said, it is empty, and the truth of the incident cannot be learned.

Many years later, Sang Lan still couldn’t live in this hurdle. She decided to repeat the old things. She filed a lawsuit against the main person in charge of the incident and asked for huge compensation of 1.8 billion US dollars.

In addition, Sang Lan also sued the inaction of the insurance company. At that time, each athlete was insurance. However, the American insurance company treated her differently because Sang Lan was not an American. This also made Sang Lan angry.Essence

In addition to these institutions, Sang Lan also sued Liu Guosheng and Xie Xiaohong.

On July 22, 1998, he was commissioned by the Chinese Gymnastics Association, and Liu Guosheng and Xie Xiaohong and his wife served as the guardian of Sanglan.In the next 10 months, the couple carefully took care of Sang Lan’s life in their lives. Sang Lan himself and the Chinese gymnastics team also thanked the couple Liu and Xie.

Today, Sang Lan has changed the gentle attitude of the past and filed a lawsuit against the Liu and Xie and his wife. What is going on?

Sang Lan and Liu Guosheng, Xie Xiaohong couple

San Lan said two reasons for Liu Guosheng and Xie Xiaohong and his wife: Sang Lan said:

First, as a guardian, they did not filed a lawsuit and rights protection against the Organizing Committee of the American Friendship Games; the second was that the "mat was dragged" that Sang Lan repeatedly mentioned in the interview.This message is not allowed.

Not only that, Xie Xiaohong and his wife often use Sang Lan’s name and portrait in business, illegally publishing private letters and living privacy between Sang Lan and her boyfriend.

In the early morning of May 4, 2011, Huang Jian, the agent of Sang Lan, posted more than 20 Weibo. Most of the content edited by Weibo pointed to Liu Guosheng and Xie Xiaohong.Huang Jian believes that the Liu Guosheng couple did not fulfill the responsibility of the guardian except for the economy of Sang Lan, and it can be said that it was obviously negligent.

Huang Jian holds the photos of Sanglan’s former participation

In Sanglan’s 26 -page indictment, she first proposed that the reason for her accident was that someone moved the cushion at the scene, which caused her to be disturbed, and then sued Liu and Xie and the couple to stop Sang Lan from saying that at that time to say that at that timeThe truth.

In addition, the organizers also voted for commercial insurance. Sanglan could have received a $ 10 million in payable payment. However, when Sanglan went to the insurance company to ask for asking, the other party refused to pay for Sanglan.

Facing Sang Lan’s prosecution, the couple Liu and Xie were very disappointed. They did not expect that Sang Lan was taken care of by Sang Lan as a biological daughter, but in exchange for "Envoving Avengers".

The couple responded quickly on the Internet: "We have received a family of three in the Sanglan family in New York for about 10 months. In the later 9 years, they have been providing economic assistance to her."

Regarding the allegations of lawyer Sang Lan, Liu Guosheng said strongly: "We have not done anything sorry for Sanglan, but we must seriously cope with these vicious slander and attack, no matter what their purpose is."

In the end, Sang Lan’s prosecution failed.

After that, Sang Lan and Huang Jian also entered the palace of marriage in 2013 and lived a bland and happy life.

Sang Lan and Huang Jian

At the age of 32, Sang Lan was pregnant with the only child in his life.

In July 2013, when Sang Lan learned that she was pregnant, she and her husband Huang Jian were excited.

Sang Lan said very excitedly: "When I first heard the fetal heart ‘banging’, I was suddenly excited, and my life was so amazing. As a mother, I felt extremely happy, and all this happened.On my body."

During Sang Lan’s pregnancy, Huang Jian’s heart was hung in the air, because Sang Lan’s pregnancy was much more difficult than ordinary people.During the pregnancy, Sang Lan suffered from hypertension, high blood sugar, and experienced three urinary infections, but none of these hardships let Sang Lan give up her opportunity to be a mother.

When Sanglan’s urology was infected, because she could not use western medicine to reduce fever, she could only use traditional physical cooling, and Huang Jian helped her wipe her body with alcohol.

Sang Lan once said: "At that time, I felt like fighting with death. After all, there are few experience in high paraplegia and pregnancy in China."

In addition, Huang Jian has always worried about the health of the baby, because Sang Lan is a patient with high paraplegia, and usually take some western medicines that treat spinal cord. Two husbands and wives often worry about whether these drugs will adversely affect the health of the fetus.

In order to dispel this doubt, Sanglan wrote an email to her attending physician in the United States to ask the doctor’s opinion.

The attending physician in the United States quickly responded to Sanglan’s email. The email said that the drugs taken by Sanglan were absolutely safe and had no adverse effects on the fetus in the abdomen.

At the same time, the doctor also reminded that the blood pressure may occur when Sanglan gave birth to allow Sanglan to treat it in time.

After getting the answer from the doctor, Sang Lan’s doubts were finally eliminated.

Although Sanglan’s pregnancy was extremely difficult, she didn’t feel at all.Because, like most expectant parents, Sang Lan has the joy of being a mother, and Huang Jian also prepared various toys and newborn supplies for the upcoming child.

Later, in order to better take care of his wife, Huang Jian simply pushed off his job and took care of Sang Lan’s diet at home.

Sanglan pregnancy

As a expectant mother, Sang Lan will often share her daily life on Weibo, and we can see her positive and optimistic side from her life.

Later, as the month became bigger, Sang Lan could not turn around normally, and he had to use her husband’s help to sleep.However, Sang Lan should lie flat when he takes urine. Although it only took more than 20 minutes, this short time would make Sang Lan breathless.

Although the process of pregnancy is hard, it is far less than when it is produced.

On April 13, Sang Lan was pushed into the operating room to prepare for production.Because Sang Lan was highly paraplegia, she couldn’t give birth at all, so the cesarean section became her only choice.However, because Sang Lan has a lot of complications during pregnancy, it must be said separately whether it can be successfully produced.

Fortunately, the doctor’s skills are superb. After an hour, a baby boy was born smoothly, weighing 5 pounds and 7 two, and the mother and son were safe.

At 2 am on April 14th, Sang Lan wrote a string of text on Weibo, and was equipped with some photos of the delivery room and baby.

From the photos of Sanglan, it can be seen that Sang Lan has a lot of softness of the mother.

A family of three in the Sanglan family

The news of high -level paraplegia pregnancy was considered a medical miracle at the time. This was also the first cervical spinal cord high cross -section patient in my country to successfully take birth.This news was reported by Xinhua News Agency and The search results have reached hundreds of thousands of pieces, which has attracted widespread attention in society.

Here you can quote the sentence "Book of Changes", "The blessing of blessing, the blessing of the blessing", it means that when you have experienced a very bad thing, don’t be anxiousBecause of "the blessing of blessing", it will definitely usher in another form of happiness after the disaster.

Sang Lan is like this. No matter what kind of misfortune she has experienced when she was young, at least her life is happy, and she has bred a lively and lovely child. Isn’t this what many people want throughout their lives?

For Sanglan, the birth of the child can also make up for her shortcomings and give her the opportunity to become a mother.

No matter what kind of dilemma we encounter, we must not give up easily. We must maintain an optimistic and positive attitude. One day, happiness will find you.

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