Science tells you that the "honeymoon baby" is really not required. If you can’t afford the consequences

For the newlywed couple, it is the first thing to do with the long -term romantic honeymoon with the beloved people.

There are often many husbands and wives who go, and three people return.

So, is it suitable for babies during the honeymoon?Come and listen to what the experts and teachers say …

Is it really suitable for pregnancy during the honeymoon?

In fact, it is not appropriate to get pregnant during the honeymoon.

In the eyes of the older generation, the "honeymoon baby" can be described as "happy".

But from a scientific perspective, the honeymoon holiday is not a good chance of conception, and it is not conducive to "eugenics."

The couple who just finished the wedding did not completely relax. Even during the honeymoon or long -distance trip, I have been in a running state of the boat and car. I have no regular life, the diet is abnormal, the nutrition is not balanced, and even the sleep is insufficient.Essence

Furthermore, sexual life is frequent during the honeymoon, and the brain has been excited. It is not conducive to producing high -quality sperm and eggs, and it is not conducive to embryonic beds and growth.weak.

Therefore, proper contraceptive measures should be taken during the honeymoon to avoid pregnancy.

TIPS: The following situations should be avoided

After manual abortion, within 6 months of discontinuation of contraceptive pills, just giving birth to a baby, after the X -rays, when the feelings are depressed, the new house is just renovated.

Choose a good season for pregnancy

From a medical perspective, conception from July to September is the most suitable for delivery from April to June of the following year.

In the late summer and early autumn, the autumn is high, the warm and comfortable climate makes people feel comfortable, and the appetite of sleep is not affected. It is also a golden season for fruit listing. The variety of fruits and vegetables is complete.Very beneficial.

At the same time, if it is conceived in the late summer and early autumn, the due date of the pregnant mother is the late spring and early summer of the following year. The climate is mild, and the supply of non -staple foods is sufficient, which is very conducive to promoting milk secretion and the rehabilitation of the new mother.

At this time, the baby’s care is also more convenient. As the temperature rises, the baby’s clothes gradually decrease. The new mother can bring the baby outdoor activity, which is conducive to the baby’s growth and development.

I calculate the ovulation day and increase the chance of conception

Under normal circumstances, ovulation usually occurs around 14 days before the next menstruation, and this time is relatively fixed.

For example, women who have a menstrual period have been ovulation on average for about 14 days average; if a woman with a menstruation on average 36 days average, she will ovulation around 22nd day.

However, due to changes in environmental changes or psychological factors, ovulation may occur in advance or pushing back in advance, which will be manifested as menstruation early or pushing back.

Therefore, for women with more regular menstrual cycles, the time for ovulation next time is easy to calculate clearly.

It should be reminded that in general, sperm can survive for 3 to 5 days in the female reproductive tract. During this period12-19 days before menstruation, the highest chance of conception.

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