Scientific secret: Pregnant women’s side sleep is harmful to the baby?

Pregnancy is a special period for every woman. The health status during pregnancy not only affects the mother’s own, but also directly affects the healthy growth of the baby.

Therefore, many pregnant mothers pay particular attention to problems during pregnancy. For example, whether the baby’s movements are normal when the pregnant mother sleeps, let’s analyze it.

Can pregnant women sleep side?

During pregnancy, due to the continuous growth of the fetus in the palace, the reaction of the pregnant woman was getting bigger and bigger.

After entering the second trimester, pregnant women take supine or flat positions to easily cause uncomfortable reactions such as muscle pain in the lower abdomen and back. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers change to the side lying position.

In addition, there is another advantage of pregnant mothers to sleep on the side, that is, it can improve the blood flow dynamics of the mother, which is conducive to the development of the fetus. Therefore, doctors also recommend that pregnant mothers develop a good habit of lying on the side.

Does sleeping on the side of pregnant women have an impact on the baby?

First of all, in the case of pregnant mothers, the baby’s movement is completely normal, and too much baby exercise is not a problem with the body of the pregnant mother.

The movement of the fetus is actually a common phenomenon during pregnancy, mainly including four aspects: doorbell -type jumping, less obvious rolling, physical distortion, and repeated swinging, etc.

These actions are not only a manifestation of the health status of the baby’s nervous system, but also the "small luck" that pregnant mothers feel the existence of children.

Of course, in the case of lying on the side of pregnant mothers, it may have slight oppression on the baby’s movement, but this oppression will not have any negative effects on the baby’s growth and development.

The fetus is more active in these two times a day

The fetal exercise and sleep during pregnancy are a cycle, but the time of each baby is different.

Usually the frequency of fetal activity is constantly changing, which fully reflects the health of the fetus.

When the fetus’s basic development in the mother’s body is completed, it will have a strong response to the external environment, especially in the second trimester, the fetal movement is becoming increasingly active.

Generally speaking, the fetus is more active in the morning, afternoon, and evening, while at midnight, it is very quiet.

This is because the children’s sleep and activities in the mother are different, and this law varies from each baby.

In addition, during pregnancy, pregnant mothers often feel the changes in fetal movement emotions. Some pregnant mothers will feel that the fetal movement is more severe before the evening, which is related to factors such as fetal growth and the physique of pregnant women.

In general, children are the future of human beings. The health of pregnant women plays a decisive role in the development of the fetus.

As far as the problem of the frequency of pregnant mothers on the fetal fetus, we can say that sleeping sideways will not have any impact on the child. The focus is on the regular activity of the baby and the health of pregnant women.

In addition, pregnant women should take a suitable sleeping position based on symptoms during pregnancy or doctors to better protect the health of herself and the baby.

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