Scraping, massage, cupping, moxibustion, although these health projects are good, but these people are not suitable for these people

Moxibustion, scraping, massage, and cupping are the special treatment methods of traditional Chinese medicine. It has special effects on promoting blood circulation and clearing the meridians.

In recent years, they have gradually entered the lives of the public, which can not only alleviate muscle soreness, cervical discomfort, etc., but also play a role in strengthening health care.But not everyone is suitable for these projects. If you do not pay attention, it is not good for the body, and it will cause serious consequences.

These people are not suitable for massage massage

Massage massage is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy in China. Massage artists use their hands to act on the body’s surface, injured parts, and unwell places, and use a variety of methods such as push, holding, pressing, and shooting.Evil, dredging meridians, promoting qi and blood, and reconciling yin and yang.

Although the massage massage is good, the following people are better not to do it!

1. Patients who are too weak for a long time, have severe cardiovascular disease or elderly weakness are not suitable for massage massage.

2. Women’s physiological period, the waist cannot be pressed, pregnant women who are more than five months pregnant.

3. Three high people: The "three highs" have a long history, and most of the arteries in the neck have different degrees of porridge.If you can massage the neck casually, if the plaques fall off, it will easily cause thrombosis. As the blood enters the cranial, it will induce stroke.

4, osteoporosis: After suffering from this disease, due to calcium deficiency, bone brittleness increases, it is easy to cause fracture if not attention during the massage process.

5. Acute attacks of spine and lumbar spondylosis: Such people should not massage. Excessive traction of the joints will increase the inflammation and edema of the nerve root and worsen the condition.

In addition, people with skin diseases or local skin are not suitable for massage.Such as various acute infectious diseases, infectious skin diseases, skin eczema, water and fire burns, skin ulcers, etc.

Tip: It is not only manual massage, but also do not use it at will like a massage chair, massage device, a pusher.

These people are not suitable for moxibustion

Moxibustion is to stimulate the human acupuncture points through the heat and medicinal nature of Ai leaf through the burning of moxa or moxa near the acupuncture point of the human body.It has the effects of warming and dispersing cold and raising yang and solidarity.

1 crowd with yin deficiency and internal heat

The yang in this type of population is originally stronger, and then moxibustion may increase yin deficiency and internal heat, which is not conducive to physical health.

2. People who are hungry and full

When hungry, the human blood sugar content is low, and the body will cause fatigue and weakness. Moxibustion will accelerate blood circulation and further accelerate the consumption of blood sugar.

3. Drunk crowd

Moxibustion after wine will accelerate blood circulation and increase the symptoms of drunk. In a short period of time, it will greatly increase the burden on the liver and kidneys, which is not conducive to physical health.

4 Pregnant crowd

Women who are during menstruation, pregnancy, and lactation are not suitable for moxibustion.Moxibustion has the effect of promoting blood circulation and neutralization. For women during menstruation, menstruation may cause endless menstruation or more menstruation, and there is risk of abortion in the early pregnancy.

5. The skin is damaged

When moxibustion is performed, the heating stimulating body surface of Aizhu or moxa is needed to effectively play a role in promoting blood circulation and qi, warming the meridians, and adverse phenomena such as ulceration, injury, herpes, redness and swelling.The irritation of the column may increase the wound serious and exacerbate the degree of damage to the skin.

6. Extremely exhausting crowd

For people who have suffered extreme failure or dying person, because the patient’s body has almost lost its ability to regulate, moxibustion may be very effective, moxibustion will accelerate blood circulation, and there is the risk of exacerbating the body burden of extreme failure. Therefore,Not suitable for moxibustion.

7. People with certain infectious diseases

Some people with infectious or skin diseases caused by wind and heat, damp heat are also not suitable for moxibustion.It may be aggravated, and may even lead to the spread of the disease. Therefore, such people should not make moxibustion.

These people are not suitable for cupping

Through cupping, the evil gas in the body can be removed and negative energy can be removed, which will help people’s spirit help help in daily life work and learning.Cupping can also be promoted and painful, eliminating the cold, cold, and clearing the meridians.

1. Women’s menstrual period, pregnant women

When you are pregnant, if you cupping in the abdomen, the uterus will be stimulated, which will cause abortion. Women will cause excessive menstrual blood due to stimulation during menstrual periods.

2. Skin allergies

People with skin allergies may cause infection when cupping, causing an increased symptoms of allergies.Therefore, it is recommended not to cupping if allergic.

3. Fracture patients

Because when the fracture is not completely cured, cupping is likely to make the fracture misplaced, which will affect the recovery of the fracture.

4. People with lack of yang qi

Because there is a diarrhea in the cupping, the yang of the weak person itself is very insufficient, and the yang will be pulled out when the cupping will be pulled out, which will cause the yang to become more insufficient.It’s right.In this way, people who are already very weak will become more weak.

These people are not suitable for scraping

Cupping can effectively eliminate negative energy in the body, and play the effects of dredging meridians, swelling and pain, and removing wind and cold.

1. Pregnant women are not suitable for scraping, especially the abdomen and lumbosacral parts are prohibited.

2. Diseases with bleeding tendencies, such as leukemia, reduced blood analysis, etc. need to be scraped with caution.For people with bleeding tendencies, scraping is a double -edged sword, special effects and danger coexist, and do not scrape without clarifying the cause.

3. High skin allergies, or people with skin diseases are prohibited.

4. Those who are old, extremely weak, and thinner need to scrape them with caution.Don’t scrape the severe patients with weak qi and blood, they will spend his blood in vain. The blood stasis scraped by such a person will not be taken away, and the cricket will not go out for a long time.

5. Those who are drunk, hungry, too full, thirst, and over -fatigue are forbidden.

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