See if my ultrasonic test report will affect conception?

Patient: Doctor District, hello, usually the menstrual cycle is about a month after a month+a week. There will be a brown secretion for a few days before the scripture.The amount of water is cleaned), the amount is normal. Drink some brown sugar water on the first day or two.The last time I had menstruation was on April 26th, the end of May 3rd. From the future, there will be a hidden pain in the lower abdomen. There is always urination. Constipation (often constipation, diet is light, and eat more black fungus.Before menstruation, he would definitely be constipated), because there was no contraceptive suspicion to be pregnant.

Yesterday, I went to Shuguang Hospital of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shuguang Hospital’s gynecological examination, and was not pregnant. The ultrasound test was as follows: the rear position of the uterus: 54mm long, 49mm wide, 49mm thick, endometrial thickness of about 11mm: uterine cavity separation is not seen., The left ovary: 30*17mm, the size of the right ovary is 25*15mm acoustic description and measurement value: uterus: normal size, morphological rules, substantial echoThe district, the boundary, almost protruding almost completely, the size is about 21*18mm, CDFI: No obvious blood flow signal is seen inside.Uterine rectal effusion: 44*29mm Tips: Uterine fibroids may, uterine rectal hyward effusion, obvious abnormalities are not seen on both sides

At that time, the doctor told me that the menstruation was coming. About a week, there was a 2 cm uterine fibroids in the body. If the fibroids grow to 4 cm, they can only get pregnant.How to get sick, I haven’t been to the hospital for more than 10 years, and I was covered at that time. Now I am 32 years old. I am planning to ask for a child. I don’t want to ask what I should ask.Because it is not easy to measure the ovulation period! Avoid chicken, milk, ice product, follow the B-ultrasound in March-June to see the muscle tumor, ask me if I want to prescribe some medicines for nourishing blood and blood circulation, because I heard that it was the medicine at that time.I did not agree. Later, the doctor said that if I had a self -measurement of HCG before 7 days, I would go to the hospital to urge the scriptures if they were not pregnant, otherwise it would not come down.Give me the capsule of the woman, let me go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound after one month!

Today, I saw your website on the Internet that it was normal for the effusion to be within 30 ml of effusion, but my report was 44*29mm. How can I convert this? My strictness is not serious? There are four stools this morning.Green, (many of the previous rows are green, often do n’t feel hungry, face is yellow, and you do n’t sweat much since childhood.It is hotter than others when it is hot. Today, the small abdomen is much more painful, and the meaning of urine has improved. From last night, a bit of brown discharge, a little bit, was the same as before the menstruation before menstruation!The capsule emphasized that this medicine has no effect, but I took it back to see that the pregnant woman was disabled and suspected that it would have an impact. However, I thought that there was only a week of amount, and the doctor started eating it from last night. I wonder if there is an impact!Now cooking red dates, walnuts, and ginger soup for myself? Because my husband has always said that I have cold in my body, and it is quite serious!

Patient: Dr. District, sorry, adding me to have no pregnancy history, and usually there is no discomfort during menstruation. Trouble you, see so much, now Dr. Deyi Shuangquan really has too few, I believe you, respect you, wait for youYour reply, I hope you will always be healthy, every day!

Gynecology District, the Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical College: According to the report of your B -ultrasound you provided by you, it is prompting that you will be about to be menstruation.Your "uterine fibroids" are small "fibroids". For the time being, it will not affect the development of the fetus after pregnancy and pregnancy, nor does it require any treatment.You can review the B -ultrasound again after the menstruation is clean this time to see the situation of "pelvic effusion". Either did a B -ultrasound found that there was a "pelvic effusion" or sickness.Please refer to the relevant content of the popular science articles on "Talking about Pelvic Slums" on this webpage.If you want to get pregnant, it is recommended that you go to the government to run a hospital. It is best to find an expert doctor for a gynecological endocrine disease for gynecological endocrine diseases for obstetrics.

Patients: Thank you, Dr. District, see the stone in your answer to your heart! I woke up early in the morning and had no discomfort, waiting for this "late guy" to come!Tired, thank you again! May you work smoothly and happy every day.

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