Seeing red in the early pregnancy?Don’t be afraid, tell you what’s going on and what to deal with

Seeing red during pregnancy is something that many Baoma will experience, whether it is in the early pregnancy, middle or later stage.However, Baoma still talks about red changes in redness. It always feels that it is a bad sign, which will cause pregnant women to have inexplicable nervousness and worry.What are the symptoms and what should be dealt with?Moms, come and learn it well ~~

First of all, it is clear that about 1/4 of pregnant women will have early pregnancy, so stabilize your emotions first, and don’t be too nervous.Observe the type of bleeding: whether it is bright red or brown. If it is brown, it means that the bleeding has stopped, and the blood oxidation is brown. Then you must pay attention to rest and avoid strenuous exercise.But although you don’t have to worry too much, you must let your doctor know.

While bleeding, if it is accompanied by the pain of the abdomen, it feels similar to the pain in the abdomen of the lower back of the back of the menstruation.At this time, the amount of bleeding will determine the severity of the matter.If the amount of bleeding is large, even more menstrual flow and shock, then basically abortion is inevitable; if the amount of bleeding is not so large, it may be a threatened abortion.The normal development of the fetus has an impact.

There is also the possibility that everyone doesn’t want to hear is ectopic pregnancy.Ectopic pregnancy is the development of pregnant eggs in the outer outer outer cavity. There are often no obvious symptoms before abortion or rupture, and there may be menopause, abdominal pain, and a small amount of bleeding.After the rupture, it shows acute and severe abdominal pain, repeated attacks, bleeding and even shock.

In order to avoid serious problems, it is best to determine whether the bed location is correct before the occurrence of bleeding in the abdominal cavity, so that the physician gives appropriate treatment.

Compared with ectopic pregnancy, the three words of hydatidus may not often appear in the dictionaries of expectant mothers. What is hydatidus?Portosy is a disease caused by abnormal fertilized eggs during pregnancy.At this time, the cells on the placenta on the placenta of the pregnant woman are continuously proliferated, edema, and finally forming a variety of bubbles like grapes. This is the mole.Porttal fetus is often accompanied by persistent bleeding or continuous abdominal distension in the early pregnancy. Some patients may also experience abnormal phenomena such as hypertension, severe pregnancy reactions, edema, etc.wait.

In short, there are many reasons for seeing red in the early pregnancy. During the pregnancy, it is congested from the palace. In some stimuli, it is easy to be injured and bleeding.Once this happens, you can judge the seriousness of the problem according to the above description, and then choose the best medical time. Remember not to take the drugs at will. You must follow the doctor’s advice.

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