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Text/Tuyang City Evening News reporter Yu Yanhong correspondent Xu Yongyi Wang Ruolun

In March of early spring, Kapok blooms on both sides of the streets of Guangzhou.Every year when kapok blooms, many citizens pick up some kapok under the kapok trees and flowers, and take it back to dry the soup.One of the "five -flowering tea" that Lao Guang knows, one of which is kapok.

Zhan Huiyu, head of the Department of Pharmacy of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University, introduced that Kapok can not only be rewarded, but also "eat", which has good medicinal value.Modern studies have shown that kapok mainly contains flavonoids, phenylin compounds and volatile components, etc., which have pharmacological effects such as antibacterial and anti -inflammatory, anti -tumor, diuretic, and diuretic.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that kapok is sweet, light, cool, and is cold. It is returned to the spleen and the large intestine meridian.It can be used to treat gastrointestinal humidity and fever such as dysentery, diarrhea, stagnation.Wetness is yin evil, it is easy to hurt yang qi, and to block qi machines.Lingnan is located in the subtropical subtropical, the climate is humid, and people are eaten by fish. Therefore, it is easy to suffer from gastrointestinal dampness and heat diseases.It is mainly due to the wet evil spleen.

Kapok medicine can be edible, easy to use, and has a good effect of removing dampness and spleen. Lao Guang people often use them to make soup and tea."Wet Wet Tea" and "Wet Wet Decoction" are the authentic spleen and wet food therapy in Guangdong.

Recommended food therapy:

● Kapok lentin pot pork bone

Ingredients: 60 grams of kapok, 50 grams of lentils, 3 candied jujube, 1/3 of Chenpi, 500 grams of pork spine, and 3 slices of ginger.

Method: Soak the kapok with rice water or saline for a while, and then soak it with stir -fried lentils and tension; remove the nucleus of the jujube; crack the pork spine bone section; let’s put it with ginger with a clay pot, add 2500 ml of water (about 10 bowls)After the fire is boiling, change the fire and cook for about two hours.For 3-4 people.

Efficacy: clear moisturizing alcohol, can remove dampness, water, spleen, and spleen.

● Kapok Sanhua Drink

Materials: 15 grams of dried kapok petals, 10 grams of honeysuckle, 10 grams of white chrysanthemum.

Method: Wash the kapok petals, honeysuckle and white chrysanthemum, boil water with water, and can be used for tea.

Efficacy: clearing heat and cooling blood, clearing the liver and clear eyes.Drinking in the summer, and the effect of relieving the heat.

● Koban Samsung Soup

Materials: Kapok 10g +Samsung Soup (fried Valley sprout 10g, fried malt 10g, fried hawthorn 5g)

Practice: soup or drink.

Efficacy: Dipment to help digestion.If you find that the child is heavy, the tongue coating is thick and greasy, and the white is slightly yellow, you can drink it continuously for 1-3 days.

Precautions for eating kapok

First, the kapok on the road is polluted heavier, so do not pick up the kapok on the road to eat it. You should go to the regular medicinal shop to buy kapok, which is more hygienic and safe.

Second, kapok soup porridge should not be eaten frequently, it is best not to exceed twice a week.

Third, the kapok is cold, and the elderly and weak are suitable for consumption.Because the elderly who are weak should be warm, it is generally not suitable for drinking cold products; kapok is cold, and it is not suitable for pregnant women with weak spleen and stomach.

Author: Yu Yanhong, Xu Yongyi, Wang Ruolun

Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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