Senior actress for pregnancy for 10 years to get pregnant, but questioned, some insiders exposed the inside story of pregnancy difficulty

As we all know, June belongs to the children of the children. It didn’t take long for Children’s Day to just pass, and children in the entertainment industry came one by one. A while ago, Zheng Kai and Miao Miao were encountered by netizens for three babies, and they were trapped in XD.The big S of the storm has also been reported by the Korean media for 9 months, and it is about to come, but the two couples are also silent about rumors.I couldn’t wait to tell the fans, and even netizens and fans knew earlier than Liu Nanxi, and caused a lot of controversy!

When it comes to Liu Nanxi, everyone may be confused, and it may be even more embarrassed to see the photos. It is not impressive. It doesn’t matter. I believe that friends who have watched "Ugly Woman Invincible" after the 80s and 90s should know her. She is Xia Zhenni in the play.The handsome girl with a short hair has been a senior actress for many years.

Only in 14 years, Liu Nanxi now looks a lot of fat. He has more femininity than in the past. It can be said that it has changed greatly. And Liu Nanxi has now married and married a wife, and has been married for 10 years.

Normally, the general couple will give birth to children within two or three years of marriage, but Liu Nanxi and her husband Qi Zi are also planned, but they are uncomfortable. Liu Nanxi has never been able to wait for two bars, andThis is ten years.

In the latest video dynamics of Liu Nanxi, she smiled happily, accompanied by the early pregnancy test strip, excitedly displayed at the camera, she looked forward to the results of ten years, two bars!Although the color is light, it is indeed two bars. Talking, Liu Nanxi almost cried, maybe he suddenly recalled all kinds of sweet and bitterness during the ten years of pregnancy!

After calming his own mood, Liu Nanxi gave her husband to her husband. Perhaps like Liu Nanxi, after 10 years of disappointment, Qi Zai was calm.In the bar, Qi Zi widened his eyes and looked at his wife petting, and his whole body was expressing unbelievable.

After getting a positive answer from Liu Nanxi, Qi Zi cried like Liu Nanxi, and Qi Zi seemed to be more excited than Liu Nanxi.

After Liu Nanxi shared the news of his pregnancy with you, in addition to congratulations to this couple who had been preparing for 10 years, there were also doubts, saying:

"It’s too obvious. If you have been preparing for 10 years, you can tell your husband first and tell netizens? Did you make a routine of an Internet celebrity? Then, do you want to pick up advertisements, open live broadcasts, cry about how difficult it is to raise children.Ah, really disgusted. This kind of plot has been brushed to dozens a day. It is recommended to find a fresh script. "

In addition to questioning Liu Nanxi’s shooting and taking the net red routine, there are also online friendly reminders:

"Try not to say as much as possible within three months."

"Just say it just? We said this after three months."

But maybe it ’s really excited. Although Liu Nanxi is only 33 years old, he has been married to her husband for 10 years. In the past 10 years, the two also thought about various methods in order to prepare for their children. Qi Zai quit smoking for 16 years.At the beginning, not in filming, and concentrate on preparing for pregnancy at home.But year after year, there is no good news.

And for Liu Nanxi for 10 years, he has not been pregnant for 10 years, but now there are suddenly, there are netizens commented on the inside story:

"There are too many flowers when you are young, and you can’t conceive when you are older. Now it should be a test tube! But still blessings."

"There are too many flowers when you are young, and you can’t conceive when you are older. Now it should be a test tube! But still blessings"

It seems that everyone is not very impressed with the female celebrities who are stained with the entertainment industry, but friends who have seen Liu Nanxi ’s social account also said:

"I have watched their videos very inspirational, and those who have aspirations have achieved it. It is really not easy to walk along the way, bless!"

I paid attention to Liu Nanxi’s Douyin account, and saw them tossing for so many years for their children. It was too tired. I also hope that they will conceive their babies earlier all day long. I am excited to see the news of pregnancy.All excited!Every persistence has the due return!come on

It can be seen that in 10 years, Liu Nanxi’s pressure should be not only difficult to prepare for pregnancy, but also to be questioned by netizens, but fortunately, all Liu Dianhua Ming, now we have also ushered in their babies, bless the young couple, and can usher in a healthy child.Intersection

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