She chose an abortion for the filming, she took more than 200 needles and thinned her face, and 2 married to the director.

Introduction: She chose an abortion for filming. She took more than 200 needles and thinned faces.

In fact, in the entertainment industry, many people need to make choices between families and careers. When everyone chooses, there will definitely be different thinking.EssenceMost people may choose their own career when they are young, but when they experience more, they must still feel that the family is the last reliance.

Many people should prefer to watch rural dramas, so it will definitely be very impressed by one of them. It is Wang Qianhua. She can be said to be a sister in the countryside at that time.That kind of rustic performance is vividly. In fact, at the beginning, this role was not what she wanted to act, but everything was wrong.

She was born in Xi’an. At that time, many people never thought she would enter the entertainment industry. After all, she was not very outstanding, but she had a certain talent for performance since she was a child.All of them entered the Shanghai Academy of Drama in college. Many classmates had already started filming when she was in school, but she did not, so she began to find other roads.

Occasionally, when she was running the dragon, she was suddenly valued by the director of "The Woman of the Family". This was the first time she appeared in a protagonist, but she was not afraid of the field at all. Through this TV series, she began to be familiar withAnd more and more people are looking for her to play such a role, so just in this way, her acting career has really stepped on the right track, but she has always been such a role that makes her want to change the role by herself. At this time, there is just a chance, But she was found to be pregnant.

At this time, she needed to make a choice to see what she should do. In order not to lose this role, she chose to abandon, but this matter was known by her husband, and the two were divorced because of this.Because of the long -term filming, her digestive system has not been very good. When filming "Wheat into the City", she started to gain weight and finally reached 200 pounds.

At this time, few people asked her to make a show. In order to make a show, she started to lose weight, and she had more than 200 needles on her face. It can be said that she had suffered a lot.However, heaven is also fair. Later, because of filming, she met her current husband Shen Hang because of filming. She once entered the marriage hall after the two. Now she has given birth to a child and a daughter, and her life is very happy.

Now she rarely comes out to make a show. She is a husband and husband at home. This should be the most important thing for her now. I was young before, and I may have done something wrong, but now I think the family is still the most important.What do you think about Wang Qianhua?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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