She, pregnant (little novel)

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"Yo, do you know?" Xiao Zhang lowered his face on Sister Li’s face, and the heat sprayed from his mouth blowing away the fresh air in front of Sister Li.

"What? So mysterious." Sister Li glared at a pair of round eyes.

"Seeing your daze, I didn’t hear such a big news?" She smiled disdainfully with a ridicule.

Sister Li’s appetite was immediately hung up: "Talk!

"She is pregnant!"

"She? Oh! She! I heard a little movement a while ago, did not understand, and was confused!"

"People are really amazing, don’t admire, is this going to school with TV?"

Then a while, hehe hehe, floating around the circle in strangely in the room.

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Who she is, it doesn’t matter!It is important that things happen, and the scope is getting wider and wider. It seems to form a atmosphere. Under the encouragement of interests, this style has become more and more intense. Men and women are looking for their own values, or they can be dependent.Good living is the standard for measuring whether things are reasonable.

I remember a foreign -based historical book about the development of philosophy. In the past, the combination of men and women that had existed in the past can be combined with non -fixed men, as well as men, and this method has been continued for a long time. When I seeWhen these records, it is like from the gap between the fence and seeing a world that used to be crazy. In our eyes, it is unreasonable and even contrary to morality, but it is very in line with the current situation of the society at the time. It was also legal at the time. At that time, it might mayIt is because the war has caused the population to die, and people are encouraged to have more children. When breeding the next generation becomes the top priority, women will become extremely important.

The combination of people also reflects changes in the social environment.In the 1970s and 1980s, people were tied together. There was nothing suitable to say that it was a normal and reasonable lifestyle to bear to live with each other.I can only rot in my stomach, lest I am not loyal to my marriage.

At that time, the people’s collective consciousness was relatively strong, and they were more inclined to the traditional conventions. They lived in accordance with the rules and were safe.This may be the so -called team consciousness!

I remember that in the past, I often encountered a woman with a good face. In the early thirties, I led two children, seven or eight years old, two or three years old, and rarely saw children’s father.The child’s nanny said that the child’s father was more than 50, divorced from his daughter -in -law, very rich, very busy, and had no time to accompany the child.Later, they were rarely seen, and it was said to have gone abroad.

People may pursue differently.In fact, her appearance has already existed, but with the development of society, people’s collective consciousness slowly dilutes. In the increasing materialized atmosphere, people are competing for limited resources, and through hard work to become rich and become rich.When it is long and unsuccessful, after various non -normal competition methods, after frequent appearance, they appear, and they boldly pursue. They use their feelings to snatch the supreme place of money, right or wrong?

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