She was on a business trip with her colleagues, and accidentally became pregnant with infertile tears!

A few days ago, I accidentally received it, and Xiaofeng’s WeChat added request.

Her name is Wang Jinfeng, and everyone calls her Xiaofeng.Xiaofeng is her milk name.

I just went to the team that year, I was seventeen, and she was only eight years old that year. She was my old daughter.

During the summer vacation, it is the day when cadres below the camp level meet.

Mom took her to the company.

The life of the soldiers is monotonous, boring!

In the corner of the barracks of our trip, there is a pond with lotus flowers in the pond.There are small fish and toads.

Sometimes Saturday afternoon or Sunday.I took her to dig the earthworms and hang frogs with earthworms.Play.She was timid and didn’t dare to touch, so I deliberately scared her.

Later, she always sticks to me, and she also went to play with me in class.

The discipline of the army is very strict.

Anyway, she is the daughter of the company, and the squad leader has not blame me.

He has been retired for more than thirty years, and has never seen her or her information.

From the chat, I knew that her life was unfortunate and not easy.

The following is her self -report:

At the age of 24, I met my husband who was introduced by a friend.

After we talked about less than a year, we got married with the urging of both parents.

I have been married for more than three years, and my stomach has no movement.

At that time, my husband’s work unit was 26 kilometers away from our little family.In order to conceive his child, he ran home almost every day.

My belly is really unwilling, and my husband’s efforts are all eastward.

This was urgent to break my in -laws and urged me to go to the hospital for examination.

The result of the inspection is nothing wrong.

The doctor told me, don’t be anxious, anxiety is not good for infertility.I prescribed some medicine for me and let me go home to take a look.

I took Chinese herbal medicine for more than a year and did not see the effect.I asked my husband to check it.

My husband promised to check it.

Come back and tell me, there is no problem.

I am convinced that I did not see my husband’s check report.

In the later days, I started a journey of seeking medical treatment.

I have tried some folk recipes.I took a lot of Chinese herbal medicine.

And also cleared the egg tube.

Chinese herbal medicine is enough.The taste of the closed eyes was too uncomfortable.The taste of a tubal dredging is painful, and everyone who has done it knows.

I have never been able to conceive my child.

My husband has never blame me either.

I suffered the cold eyes of the worker, and the pointing point behind people.

I divorced after eight years of marriage.

One year of divorce, her husband found a girl and got married.

I have not found the right one. I did n’t know that I had no fertility, so I worshiped.With the child, I didn’t meet the favorite.Just dragged like this.

I am a normal woman, and I also have physiological desires. I dare not think about it. When I woke up again and again, I shed tears in pain.

When I was forty -two years old.

When I was on a business trip with a colleague, my colleague thought about me. I looked at him. He was a family member. Under his soft grind, my damn desire, oh!

Half a half push, the relationship occurred.

Afterwards, I did n’t care about my menstruation. I did n’t care. When I saw an increasingly bulging belly, I went to the hospital for examination.

The doctor told me that I was pregnant.The news shocked my chin.I don’t believe it, let the doctor check it again, will it be wrong?doctor………

Today, my child has been in kindergarten for more than a year.

My pitiful and hateful husband, I don’t want to see him anymore.

He deceived me.

I have my son, my son is my small leather jacket, which is more windshield than a small cotton jacket, and is not afraid of rain.[Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face]

I will find it again when I encounter the right one. If I can’t meet the right, I will not.

I don’t necessarily look at the money.

I don’t necessarily look at it if I have no money.

I don’t necessarily look at the handsome and handsome ones.

I don’t necessarily look at the ugly.

I don’t necessarily look at young.

I don’t necessarily look at the age.

I miss the days of hanging frogs with you.Just come from scratch.

well!Was my frog prince missed by you.Give me back!

[Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Cover your face] [Face]

[Covering the face] This little girl’s movie, anyway, the misfortune of life did not lie down.

Her house was more than five hundred miles away from me. She asked me to hang frogs, so don’t go!Leave that beauty in memory!

There will always be unsatisfactory places in life, and cherish it!

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