Shengwa, I sent the chicken soup to hear her conversation with her mother -in -law. I pour the chicken soup into the piglet

My husband and I are in a village. We have been playing with mud together since we were young.After school, my husband served as my protector.In the long -term love, when we are in the age of love, we have set a lifelong life.

My husband and I fell on the list during the college entrance examination. We did not choose to repeat it, but instead stepped on the train to work.In order to save rent, my husband and I lived together.

We worked outside for five years and accumulated some money.As we grow older, we want to return to our hometown to do the marriage while we are celebrating the New Year.Shortly after marriage, I became pregnant.My husband was distressed by me and stayed. He said that his hometown is also developing well now.

We took out a few years of savings and bought a second -hand truck, and the husband specially pulled the construction site.With the efforts of her husband, our family’s life is getting better and better.

I was pregnant in October, and I gave birth to my daughter.Unfortunately, when I was born with a daughter, I suffered a difficulty. Although I was rescued by the doctor, my daughter and I kept my life, but I could no longer have.

When my daughter was three years old, she was pregnant, but her uncle worked to make money all year round and couldn’t take care of it.During the four months during pregnancy, the doctor checked the twins in his stomach.At five months, the stomach was so big that he could not bend his waist.I looked at her very hard and often took care of her.

Both my family and the family have built a second floor, and the two of us are next to each other.The father -in -law died in his early years. The mother -in -law lived in the old house in the village alone. She said that the old house was warm in winter and lived in Shutan.

Since her pregnancy, her mother -in -law has pinned the hope of Chuizong’s succession.She often helps grow vegetables and cooks.When I saw that my mother -in -law was old, I took my clothes home to wash and clean the courtyard.I am a woman, and I am a big sister -in -law. I know the hard work of pregnancy.

A few days before the production, the little uncle rushed back from the outside world.The mother -in -law stayed in her room all day, for fear of accidental accidents.It is estimated that my mother -in -law can no longer be able to bunch, so I don’t want to have any accidents.

When I think that when I have a child, my mother -in -law didn’t care about me, but I was still taking care of it as always.Although the little uncle is back, we have a custom there: men cannot wash clothes for women.So I washed the clothes for her.

Some time ago, I had two sons at a caesarean section at the hospital, but my mother -in -law was happy.She kept turning around with her children day and night.

I think that the caesarean section hurts the vitality, and the reed chicken under the family was slaughtered, and a pot of chicken soup was boiled.

The gate of the countryside is open, and I go directly to the hall.At this time, I heard that I was talking to my mother -in -law in the house, and I heard them mentioned my name.Just stop and listen.

My mother -in -law complained that I couldn’t have a baby in the future, so that her eldest son was absolutely after.

嫂 said: Yeah, when I was young, I was in love with the elder brother. Life was not frugal, so I lost my fertility.Mom, don’t I give you two grandchildren at once.Your old house is about to be demolished, you have to give me all the demolition funds.Sun Tzu is your heir, but the granddaughter is a loss of money.Dasao washing me to cook for me, but I didn’t want to get her son to put her filial piety when I was old.

I was shivering, I really wanted to rush in and theory with them, but I controlled my emotions.你 and my mother -in -law still talk about me with a word, I am so angry that my heart is about to jump out, and my tears flow unconsciously.

I thought to myself: I was kind and took care of 妯 娌 娌 娌 娌 我 我 我 我 stewed chicken soup and delivering meals. Why did they hurt me so much?

When I was angry, I picked up the chicken soup pot and went out.I walked straight to my pig rail and poured a pot of chicken soup to the pig.

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