Short -delivery, don’t want to be born halfless!Maternal must do these 3 points in advance!

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Don’t call me can’t do it!It hurts too much … My husband cried beside him. He couldn’t bear to find the nurse to see if he could cut it. As a result, he was scolded by the nurse several times.There is no way to worry about it. The entire corridor I shout is my voice.

Later, I did not have the energy. I helped me, my husband helped me, and helped me over and over again, and worked hard!In fact, my entire pregnancy activity was particularly large, but the baby’s head was large, but it was still born.

Speaking of having children, in addition to "emergency production", most mothers’ production process is a "super marathon", and there are not a few mothers who have no strength to be born to half.However, now that you choose to give birth, you must follow the doctor’s guidance and arrangement, and persist to the end.

If you do n’t want to give birth to half, you do n’t want to have no strength. The mother must make the following preparations!

Colleagues said: "From the beginning of pregnancy, I have exercise every day, and I hope to give birth quickly. Now there are 24 days before the due date, and at least 5,000 steps per day. I look forward to the baby’s mobilization."

Pregnant mothers who want to give birth must persist in exercise since pregnancy, such as walking, doing housework, pregnant women yoga, etc.On the one hand, the appropriate amount of exercise can prevent the weight gain during pregnancy too much; second, the appropriate amount of exercise during pregnancy can promote the output and shorten the output, and the postpartum recovery will be faster and better.

For the first mother, it usually takes 12-16 hours from the beginning to the fetal output.During the entire process of childbirth, mothers not only need to preserve physical strength, but also need to replenish energy in time.

Experienced Bao Ma will say: It is necessary to bring chocolates, scholars, red bulls, sports drinks, etc., to facilitate timely replenishment of consumed physical strength.These are high -calorie, easy to absorb, and easy to digest food, which will not increase the body’s body burden.

During the delivery of mothers, the most taboo is shouting that the severe pain brought by the contraction.Many women can’t stand it, and they will be half half of their delivery.

The shouting not only does not relieve the pain, but causes excessive physical energy consumption, causing edema lower limbs after production.Furthermore, yelling, the entire corridor is your voice not only affects the emotions of other mothers, but also make doctors and midwife irritable.

Summary: Maternal wants to produce healthy babies. In addition to adhering to exercise during pregnancy, replenishment of energy and replenishing energy during the birth process, a good mentality and stable emotions are important.During the birth, the mother must actively cooperate with the doctor and believe that she must be!Only by using the right to make the right, can you and your baby suffer less.

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