Should pregnant women add folic acid?5 kinds of foods containing folic acid, expect more mothers to eat more

I believe girls are no stranger to folic acid, especially pregnant women, proper supplementation can increase the pregnancy rate.For pregnant women, proper supplementation can protect the fetus and protect the fetus, which is more conducive to the development of the fetus.Therefore, it is a very important nutrient for women.Experts say that folic acid is no longer a patent for pregnant women. For older women, proper supplementation can reduce the risk of pregnancy. The incidence of gynecological diseases is not limited to women during pregnancy.So what does pregnant women supplement folic acid?

The role of supplement folic acid

1. It can prevent congenital neuroplasma deformities

The older generation always likes to talk about the past.For example, when people have children in the past, they never do pregnancy tests, do not eat folic acid, and do not eat very balanced diets, but the previous foods are relatively simple, and their children are not all good.Don’t think so in modern society, we can’t be careless about fertility.Medically, pregnant women and women supplement folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy can effectively prevent neuronal deformities for neonatal tube.

2. It can prevent giant cellular anemia

Clinically, due to the severe folic acid deficiency in the body, it is prone to adverse reactions such as tastitis, obesity, diarrhea, fatigue, and yellow hair, and even increase the chance of giant cellular anemia.Such people should supplement 0.5 ~ 1mg of folic acid according to the doctor’s order.

3. It can help H -type hypertension to prevent stroke

Compared with Europeans and Americans, Chinese people have higher risk of cerebral infarction.Especially patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, blood pressure and blood lipids have soared for a long time, which may also increase the chance of stroke.The Institute of Cancer in the United States said that the risk of stroke risks of Hylatic patients who sufficient folic acid daily was significantly reduced.

4. It can prevent kidney disease

With the improvement of material living standards, there are more and more patients with chronic kidney disease.Folic acid is also a good supplement to protect the kidneys.

Women don’t miss these 5 samples of ingredients, folic acid content is high

1. Sang tree

The mulberry tree is a very seasonal fruit, sweet and tender, especially delicious, many juice, but it is easy to be dyed with hands and mouth.Mulberry is not only delicious, it is also rich in progesterone, can promote the secretion of estrogen in the body, but also improve the speed of skin metabolism.

2. Black beans

Although black beans look bad and usually don’t eat much, it has high nutritional value.It contains a large amount of anthocyanins and antioxidants, which is conducive to delaying aging of skin tissue, and it is very suitable for female friends to eat more.

3. Soybean

Speaking of soybeans, I believe everyone is familiar.Usually, you can buy some stewed trotters soup, supplement collagen, and put it into the wall breaking machine for soy milk. It can provide me with rich protein, calcium and progesterone that women need.

4, cabbage

The cabbage is also called cabbage. Although one or two yuan per kilogram, it is rich in vitamins and folic acid.It is a good thing to eat more, don’t worry about the burden on the stomach.

5. Spinach

Spinach is also very common, but its nutritional value is also very high, especially its progesterone, which is the most similar to natural progesterone.In addition, it is rich in a variety of cellulose and has delicious taste.It is also good for cleaning intestinal, oil scraping, and excretion of intestinal garbage and fat.

Finally, we must remind everyone that, in addition to the high content of folic acid above the above foods, pay attention when supplementing folic acid tablets. Drug use varies from person to person. Each person’s physique is useless, and the response to the drug is different.Some people have a good treatment effect after taking, and some people are allergic to their ingredients after taking, which is not only not conducive to physical health, but also accelerate the damage to the liver.Therefore, even pregnant women must conduct safety assessments before taking it, and do not take them privately.

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