Sister has been pregnant for more than seven months, and suddenly said that she was going to be killed. What was the situation?

This morning, I took my fingers and counting the baby’s baby for more than 2 months. I was born in this world like a little baby who came like a blind box.Excited.

The mobile phone music sounded, and I knew that I knew it had been hit by my sister. As soon as I picked it up, the voice of the trembling of the sister passed "I want to kill this child"

When I heard the news of the sister’s killing the baby, my first reaction was that the sister’s family must have something to do, and it was a big deal, because this baby is very important for the sister.In a big deal, Sister Again will not give up this child.So I comforted the emotions of my sister and rushed to the sister’s house.

Pushing away the door of the Sister’s house, I saw the sister sitting quietly in the dim living room. I opened the curtains, shone in the sun, and hit the tearful face of the sisters.I wiped my sister with a warm towel and poured two cups of warm water. We sat face to face. The sister was quietly telling the story of others, so I sat next to her silently accompany her and quietly.Listen to her.

Sister Sister: I originally felt very happy. I had a husband who loved me, and was about to have a baby I loved. I was inadequate in my life but even more than a small day.I feel like this is so good in my life.Especially when I was pregnant, my husband loved me even more. As long as he was at home, washing clothes, he would not be willing to intervene in me, and even washed his feet every day.To make me and my baby feel that he really loves us from beginning to end.

But the good times have not been long. In the past few months, I found that my husband was very wrong, and he was absent -minded. At first, I thought he was stressful and comforted him. Later, I found that I did n’t have before. I did n’t have before.Patience, I was absent -minded to the family, and sometimes I answered the phone on my back; he took a bath two days ago, and he just rang several times. I thought that his company had an urgent matter.A woman, I hung up as soon as I fed it. At first I was inexplicable, secretly scolding her neuropathy.In the next few days, I thought more and more incorrectly. Coupled with his abnormal performance, the sixth sense of the woman found that he was derailed.So I started to test him, check his whereabouts, and let me down even more. He said that he was on a business trip. After understanding that his company did not have this task, he said that he went to his mother.There.These signs show that he did have the situation. Just last night, while he took a bath, I looked at his mobile phone text message. Indeed, he was interacting with a woman like what I imagined, and the meaty information flies.At that time, I used his mobile phone to send a text message to scold the woman. After scolding, I confronted my husband again. Not only did he not admit the mistake, but he blame me to peek at his mobile phone.When I got angry, I fell his mobile phone.

When I confirmed that he was derailed, I felt my life was a joke, and the child was also a joke.I really don’t want to be born. I feel that he meets such a dad and a bad mother like me. It is his sorrow.So he should not come to this world.

Listening to Sister’s description quietly, from the inside, I sympathized with the encounter of Sister, and I really wanted to seize the fierce beatings of the little three, but the sister did not agree with me. In her opinion, the flies did not do not.Ding’s seamless egg was a problem with her and her husband.

As for the baby’s problem, I feel that it is a little angel and a life. As parents, we cannot blame it. We should protect him well.The arrival of every life is the fate of Shangtianan. Once you miss this fate, you may miss it in this life, and you cannot meet in your next life.I advise Sister, you think about your baby calmly for a few days. If you think clearly after a few days, I support you with no matter what you make.


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