Six weeks of pregnancy, abortion medicine, netizens: What do you want to keep without breaking up?

Figure: Packing sugar (invading and deleting) text: Little dream

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Seeing a news: Women who have been pregnant for six weeks of pregnancy posted videos online saying that their boyfriend placed fetal medicine in his brown sugar water.

After the video was released, it quickly attracted the attention of many people.It is reported that the man has been arrested and brought to justice, and the case is still under further trial.

In this regard, many netizens commented: "A person who is unwilling to receive a certificate, is his child really be born?"

The woman said in a vocalist again later: When he knew the child existed, the man said that he didn’t want it, but he wanted it.

Since neither of them persuaded each other, she thought that this could be placed for this time, but did not expect that the other party would give herself a fetal medicine.

Moreover, he told the woman the matter the next morning.The woman was so scared to go to the hospital. The doctor said that she may not be able to keep it, nor will they not cause the child deformity due to drugs.

After the man was arrested, his family members also contacted the woman through the police that they could compensate for money, and only hoped that she would withdraw the lawsuit as soon as possible.

Girls said: This is not something that money can be resolved.She really just wants this child, and never want to use her child to threaten her boyfriend to get married.

In fact, the most thoughts of the onlookers are: This girl is really too good at her.I know that the other person is a person who doesn’t even want a child, but expects him to be responsible for himself.

Therefore, there are more than one netizen who leave a message in her video and advise her to leave the man as soon as possible. He is so cruel and not worthy of girls.

For this incident, the woman did not have a follow -up response.Just like those girls who have similar experiences, they are waiting for those who hurt themselves and can turn back.

Looking back at anyone who can be called love brain, they actually suffered the injuries later.

For example, in "Disappearing her", he can almost meet Li Muzi’s diving coach He Fei, and he can always appear when the other party needs it most.

Another example is Wang Nuannuan, the victim of the cliff in the Thailand’s pregnant woman, who has expressed his true demands more than once from the understanding and contact with her husband.

Or the affectionate person, in fact, it is just Lin Moubin who has planned a scam.Obviously when the two first started to fall in love, almost no one recognized the relationship.

There are too many similar events, you can say that it is extreme. It can be said that people are always using some negative cases to deny the value of love.

But at the same time, you have to admit that some people’s so -called sugar given, and the suffering of his later gains, is doomed from the beginning, but they did not notice it.

Just like something in your life, when you get it, you have been marked by yard. When you pay, whether you have this ability, you can only pay by yourself.

When a person obviously looks as bright as a star, but is willing to land with you, don’t feel that you become the protagonist of life.

Because most of the incorrect love of most households can be established for other reasons.And this reason must be unbearable.

The love brain discussed today is not necessarily a bad thing in an absolute sense, but if you invest too much in love, then you are destined to lose things that should not be lost.

Love is worth paying.But the premise is that you have to find someone who is willing to pay for you and let you see the future. These need to pass the test of time.

If you fall in love with a person, and everyone around you will remind you to give up, then you should try to listen to others.

Because, in addition to a small number of jealous people, there are indeed some people, they just do not want the people they care about to go astray.

Any paragraph is not only love, self -emotion, and grievances. It is called evil. If you do not stop the loss in time, you will only get deeper and deeper.

In life, there are indeed many people who are too eager to be loved because of their native families, the living environment of the later period, and so on.

But no matter what time, don’t keep your head at all the time, so you can’t find love, you can only find the murderer who wastes everything.

You should believe that you are more worthy of being loved than you think, and you can be a better self in your eyes.

No one needs to rely on others to survive. If so, at least I want that person, not you.

The above, I wish you a good dream, good night.

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